Batteries Plus Franchisees are Profitable from Diversified Revenue Streams

Diversified Revenue Streams

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While you may know us for our orange and green signs nationwide, Batteries Plus franchises are much more than our stores. At Batteries Plus, we proudly serve companies, entities, and individuals with our extensive range of products and services. However, we go beyond the conventional offerings available on our store shelves to provide unique solutions that cater to specific needs. Over the years, we have refined our business model to maximize efficiency, keep staffing numbers low, and generate revenue outside of the convention of traditional retail stores.

One key benefit of franchising with Batteries Plus is our diversified products and services. As a tech franchise, we pride ourselves on adaptability—one reason we embrace out-of-the-box ideas to support our franchisees. Batteries Plus franchisees sell products and services not just in stores but also through strategic business partnerships, both locally and through national accounts, and digital interfaces that unlock multiple revenue streams. This enables franchisees to cast a wide net in their community and create a resilient business that doesn’t just hinge on an on-person shopping experience.

Unleashing Potential with Diverse Revenue Streams

The easiest way to think about a business is by imagining a store or a sign and thinking about what it’s like to walk inside. We take site selection of Batteries Plus locations seriously, as retail stores significantly contribute to sales our franchisees make. As we deal with essential goods and services, there is an ongoing and stable demand for our products. Batteries Plus offers tens of thousands of battery & power products as well as lighting products, making it easy for us to accommodate consumers’ needs in-store.

Our retail stores not only ensure that popular items are readily available and in stock for our customers but also offer the invaluable service of personalized consultations with our knowledgeable staff. Beyond just picking up products from the shelves, customers can benefit from additional services such as smartphone and tablet repairs, as well as key fob programming and cutting, further enhancing the versatility and value of visiting Batteries Plus stores.

Powering Partnerships: Business Beyond the Counter

We provide extensive training and support to franchisees prior to opening their stores, so franchise owners can start their businesses before the lights are on. We encourage franchisees to forge local partnerships with schools, government agencies, healthcare providers, and more. All businesses rely on the products and services we provide but might not ordinarily engage with Batteries Plus in a retail store context.

Due to the bulk size of orders or unique specifications a business might require, Batteries Plus can be an asset for both new and established businesses in a local community. Batteries Plus franchises have been suppliers for schools, contractors, property management corporations, police and fire departments, and essential infrastructure like traffic lights. The possibilities are endless for Batteries Plus franchisees who want to establish B2B relationships in their communities.

Elevating eCommerce with Tailored Digital Experiences

As an omni-channel retailer, we use consumers’ data to tailor our platforms to best serve their needs. By leveraging customer data to understand how people prefer to engage with our eCommerce site, we have elevated our digital marketplace to be more personalized than ever before.

Because Batteries Plus offers such a diverse range of products and services, we have carefully curated online experiences that spare consumers from sifting through irrelevant offerings. Those seeking phone repair services can easily navigate to that space without browsing through pages of lighting options. Even before the AI revolution in recent years, we have been on the cutting edge of leveraging consumer data insights to improve performance and boost sales.

From Local to National: Leveraging Large-Scale Accounts

While each franchisee can engage with nearby businesses, the Batteries Plus franchise funnels business directly to our franchisees. Through national accounts we have, entities with locations all over the country engage directly with franchisees to meet their power or lighting needs. Our national accounts include supporting hospitals, medical offices, assisted living/ nursing homes, manufacturers, vehicle dealerships, IT data centers, commercial spaces, and many other types of businesses.

While a national account manager will coordinate the billing, franchisees will be responsible for providing quality service to their assigned locations. This is one of the many benefits of partnering with a well-established franchise like Batteries Plus. People recognize our name and look to us for consistent services, no matter where their business is located. While many franchisees take the initiative to secure local leads, Batteries Plus proactively supports individual stores with businesses hailing from long-established national accounts.

For multi-unit franchisees in particular, the combination of revenue streams Batteries Plus uses can strengthen a franchise in the face of tough times. Diversified revenue streams maintain income in both the long and short term. Based on the strengths of some streams compared with others, franchise owners can assess where they might need to invest more time and resources to strengthen their business as a whole.

Interested in Batteries Plus’ diverse service and product offerings, and how franchises achieve multiple sources of revenue? Contact us today to learn more about franchising with Batteries Plus.

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