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At Batteries Plus, we power the industries that rely on auto batteries, ensuring they keep moving efficiently and sustainably. Explore the world of auto parts franchise and learn why Batteries Plus is the top choice not only for customers but also for entrepreneurs looking to franchise.

Why Auto Parts Franchise Opportunities Matter

The auto industry is undergoing a monumental transformation, with leading car manufacturers like General Motors, Volkswagen, and Ford committing to an electrified, emission-free future. This shift brings batteries to the forefront of automotive innovation, making them a vital component for various industries. Here’s why joining the Batteries Plus auto battery franchise is an opportunity not to miss:
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Growing Demand:

Franchisees joining the Batteries Plus franchise family benefit from a booming industry. As electric vehicles gain popularity, the demand for batteries is skyrocketing.

By 2030, electric vehicles are expected to make up 18% of new car sales in the US, exponentially increasing the need for batteries.

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Environmental Impact:

With climate change being one of the top global issues today, industries that support the environment are becoming increasingly popular. Electric vehicles contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future by reducing emissions. Our battery franchise technology plays a pivotal role in supporting this shift toward green transportation. Batteries Plus is also committed to battery recycling, making an extra effort to contribute to a cleaner environment.

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What Sets Us Apart

Batteries Plus vs. an Auto Repair Franchise:

While both Batteries Plus and auto repair franchises serve the automotive industry, there are crucial differences that set us apart:


Batteries Plus specializes in providing a wide range of batteries, including automotive batteries, along with related services, giving franchisees a range of revenue streams. Auto repair facilities primarily focus on vehicle maintenance and repair.


Batteries Plus is product-centric, offering an extensive inventory of auto-related batteries to chargers and other vehicle accessories, as well as bulbs for lighting needs. Auto repair facilities mainly provide services, not products.

Battery Expertise

We are experts in the battery industry, offering specialized knowledge and a vast selection of battery types. Auto repair facilities focus on mechanical and electrical repairs only.

Quick Service

Batteries Plus offers fast and efficient battery replacement and related services, often completed in 30 minutes or less. Auto repair franchises typically require longer service and turnaround times depending on the damage.

Nationwide Warranties

All auto batteries sold at Batteries Plus come with nationwide warranties. Auto repair franchises may offer warranties for their specific services but not for all vehicle components.

While both Batteries Plus and auto repair facilities serve the automotive sector, Batteries Plus auto parts franchise opportunities excel in offering specialized battery products and services focusing on speed and convenience.

What Makes Batteries Plus the Best Auto Parts Franchise

Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking the best auto parts franchise to invest in should look no further than Batteries Plus. Here's what makes us the ideal choice:

proven success

Proven Success

Batteries Plus possesses decades of industry leadership, with franchise models to match investment goals and resources.

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Batteries Plus continually invests in research and development to access the latest advancements in battery technology.

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Diverse Product Range

Our diverse product range includes batteries, chargers, lighting, and gear, meeting the automotive industry’s evolving needs.

Expert Support

Expert Support

You benefit from our comprehensive training and supportive franchisee community where you can share knowledge and network.

Quick Service Model

Quick Service Model

We emphasize efficiency, completing many services in under 30 minutes to ensure customer satisfaction and a high turnover rate.

National brand

National Brand

Our nationally recognized brand brings credibility and trust, attracting customers and fostering brand loyalty.

Strong Supply

Strong Supply Chain

You can benefit from strong relationships with battery manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring consistent, quality products.

Multi Unit Opportunities

Multi-Unit Opportunities

Successful franchisees have the potential for multi-unit ownership to expand their reach and increase revenue streams.

Low Staffing

Low Staffing model

Batteries Plus locations can be efficiently operated with a lean team of 5-8 dedicated employees, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

We offer flexible location sizes between 1,200-1,800 sq ft. This saves you in real estate costs and helps boost profitability.

Ready to Become Part of the Batteries Plus Franchise Family?

Experience the unmatched potential of an auto battery franchise with Batteries Plus. Join us and become part of a dynamic force that’s powering the future of automotive innovation.

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