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In this free eBook, we’ve put together a sneak peek at some of what’s included when investing in one of the top franchise opportunities in Texas. If you are interested in our battery store franchise costs and perks, this could be a valuable resource.

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Batteries Plus Franchise For Sale in Houston, TX

Now is a great time to open a tech franchise in Houston, TX. Batteries Plus has been a leading force in the retail technology space since 1988, and we currently have over 700 stores across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. We’ve identified Houston as a city with great potential for our next location. Here, learn more about why we’ve set our sights on Houston and why you should choose our franchise over the competition.

Why Invest In Batteries Plus Franchise Opportunities In Houston?


It’s estimated that Houston’s population will have grown 17.2% from 2010-2029

Taking on over 1.2 million new residents. Home to nearly 7 million people, Houston is currently the country’s fifth-largest metro area. With more and more people making it their home every year, the demand for the technology that keeps homes, cars, and businesses in great working order is increasing.


Batteries Plus is well-known for stocking a broad range of batteries that are hard to find elsewhere

Car batteries, lawnmower batteries, baby monitor batteries, RV batteries – we have it all, with a wide selection in every battery store franchise. Customers love being able to walk right in and get what they need without having to make a special order.

That being said, we also offer products and services beyond batteries. Our automotive center offers a wide selection of power inverts, booster cables, and key fobs. Our lighting department includes countless specialty bulbs and smart home devices.

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The demand for all of these products and services is increasingly universal

As more and more people rely on technology to run their homes and offices. With Houston’s population continuing to grow, there comes an increased demand for Batteries Plus. There’s never been a better time to open a battery and lighting franchise in Houston, TX.

Choose Our Battery Store Franchise Opportunities in Texas

We know you have your choice of franchisors, but Batteries Plus has many competitive advantages. Included below are a few of the reasons to choose us for your Houston, TX investment

Ongoing research and development

You can count on us to keep you updated on the latest technology and consumer trends, ensuring that your business stays competitive.

Streamlined startup costs

Our estimated initial investment is remarkably low for a retail franchise because we’ve gotten the process down to a science, covering everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A highly-regarded brand name

We’ve spent over 30 years building up a strong reputation and brand recognition. You’ll enjoy both of these when you open your business under our banner.

150,000 square foot warehouse facility

We stock all of our products at a massive warehouse facility, making it easier for you to access the merchandise you need when you need it.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose our battery and lighting franchise opportunities in Houston, TX. Contact us today for more information.

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