Why Open a Retail and Commercial Franchise in Maryland with Batteries Plus?

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Batteries Plus Franchise Expansion in Maryland

Maryland’s promising business and tech landscape presents intriguing opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a B2B and retail franchise in Maryland. At Batteries Plus, our established network of 700+ stores specializes in essential technology products and services like batteries, lighting systems, and device repairs. We firmly believe that the suburban areas surrounding major cities in Maryland, like Baltimore, Frederick, and Hagerstown, hold unique potential for new franchises.

There's Power in Our Numbers

Top 75% Average Unit Volume


Top 75% Average Unit Volume

Avg. Low Initial Investment

$197,400 – $465,600

Avg. Low Initial Investment

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Total Industry Value




Why Consider Maryland for a Batteries Plus Franchise?

Why Consider Maryland for a Batteries Plus Franchise

Thriving Business Hub That Drives High Household Income:

Maryland has experienced steady business growth, fostering a favorable environment for tech-related ventures and attracting new residents. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Maryland has the highest median household income among the states – $90,203, which is 29 percent above the national median. This translates to a reliable customer base for Batteries Plus franchises.

Diverse Customer Segments:

Both residents and tourists visiting the major cities in Maryland, like Baltimore, rely on readily available solutions for their tech challenges. Batteries Plus caters to both, providing high-quality replacements for lost chargers, broken screens, and dying batteries.

Serving Businesses:

Businesses in the greater Baltimore, Frederick, and Hagerstown, MD areas commonly depend on Batteries Plus for battery and lighting solutions that keep their operations running smoothly.

What Sets Batteries Plus Apart?

Batteries Plus Apart
Commercial and Retail Revenue Streams

Commercial and Retail Revenue Streams:

Batteries Plus offers both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) services, diversifying income sources and mitigating risk for franchisees.

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Trusted Brand Reputation:

Our established brand name instills customer confidence in the quality of the products and services they find at our stores.

Comprehensive Franchisee Support

Comprehensive Franchisee Support:

We provide extensive training, research and development, and a well-stocked warehouse to set Batteries Plus franchisees up for success.

Proven Business Model

Proven Business Model:

Batteries Plus provides established processes for everything from store setup and marketing to achieving growth.

Scalability Potential

Scalability Potential:

A retail franchise in Baltimore or other metropolitan areas in Maryland offers multi-unit opportunities, allowing our franchisees to expand their investment and grow their businesses.

Contact Batteries Plus for More Information

For further details and specific information about our franchise opportunities in Maryland, contact the Batteries Plus team by submitting your information in the form below. We can provide comprehensive guidance and answer your questions about why we offer the right retail and B2B franchise in Maryland that has been proven for 30 years. We’d love to give you information about what it takes to get started, what you can expect as a franchisee, and much more. We’ll also consider your goals so we can guide you toward the right franchise concept.

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