Why Open a Retail and B2B Franchise in Virginia with Batteries Plus?

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Batteries Plus Franchise Expansion in Virginia

With Virginia’s thriving industrial and commercial sectors, entrepreneurs should consider starting a B2B franchise in Virginia, specifically one that offers highly sought-after products and services – such as those found at Batteries Plus.

Our thriving, specialized B2B franchise has franchising opportunities in the Virginia market. With the state’s dynamic economic landscape and strategic location, entrepreneurs looking to align themselves with a business that can provide great growth potential due to high product demand can find a promising venture with Batteries Plus. Virginia boasts a robust economy fueled by significant sectors such as government, defense, technology, and healthcare, all of which have substantial energy needs, making the demand for battery and lighting solutions consistently high.

There's Power in Our Numbers

Top 75% Average Unit Volume


Top 75% Average Unit Volume
Avg. Low Initial Investment

$246,918 – $498,419

Avg. Low Initial Investment

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Total Industry Value




Why Consider Virginia for a Batteries Plus Franchise

Virginia’s pro-business environment includes favorable tax policies and access to a skilled workforce, which are key factors that support entrepreneurial ventures. By establishing a Batteries Plus franchise in Virginia, you can tap into a thriving market, build strong business relationships, and achieve sustained growth and success. And thanks to the number of great metro areas within the state—including Richmond, Arlington, and Norfolk—you can also feel confident about pursuing multi-unit franchising in Virginia with Batteries Plus! 

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As the state capital, Richmond is a hub for government operations and a burgeoning tech sector. These industries require reliable battery and lighting solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations, presenting numerous opportunities for a franchise like ours. Richmond’s diverse business environment also creates a wide range of potential clients from various industries that your B2B franchise can tap into.


Located in northern Virginia, Arlington is home to numerous federal agencies, defense contractors, and tech firms. The high concentration of government and defense-related activities necessitates advanced and reliable energy solutions. Entrepreneurs can potentially capitalize on the region’s substantial budget allocations for infrastructure and operational efficiency by providing top-tier battery and lighting services.


Norfolk is another lucrative market with its significant military presence and major port operations. Norfolk’s military bases and shipping industries rely heavily on dependable power and lighting systems for their operations. A Batteries Plus franchise is positioned to secure long-term contracts by meeting these critical needs and providing excellent customer service.

What Sets Batteries Plus Apart?

Batteries Plus Apart
Commercial and Retail Revenue Streams

Commercial and Retail Revenue Streams:

Batteries Plus offers both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) services, diversifying income sources and mitigating risk for franchisees.
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Trusted Brand Reputation:

Our established brand name instills customer confidence in the quality of the products and services we provide.
Comprehensive Franchisee Support

Comprehensive Franchisee Support:

We provide extensive training, research and development, and a well-stocked warehouse to set Batteries Plus franchisees up for success.
Proven Business Model

Proven Business Model:

Batteries Plus provides established processes for everything from store setup and marketing to achieving growth.
Proven Business Model

Scalability Potential:

A Batteries Plus franchise in Virginia offers multi-unit opportunities, allowing our franchisees to expand their investment and grow their businesses.

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As the first major player in the replacement battery market with 30+ years of proven positive results, we, rest assured, have the expertise and know-how to guide you throughout your journey as a Batteries Plus B2B franchisee in Virginia. From your initial launch and grand opening to establishing a solid customer base and beyond in the residential and commercial business communities, we have your back.

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