Own a Retail Franchise with Commercial Business Revenue Streams

If you’re searching for a business venture with significant earning potential, check out what a Batteries Plus retail franchise has to offer.

Does My Retail Store Franchise Need a Van?

Many retail store franchise opportunities across a variety of industries rely on appealing to individual customers. This can limit the growth prospects of a retail business – but not when you franchise with Batteries Plus.

Our retail franchise is unique because our business model helps franchise store owners generate revenue from two revenue streams.  On average, Batteries Plus franchisees generate:

Retail Consumer Sales: 67% 

business (B2B) customers: 33%*

* Top Franchisees report 35% from commercial sales or higher

We specifically designed our Batteries Plus Business Account program for companies and organizations of all shapes, sizes, and purposes who want in-person assistance with their battery and lighting, and repair needs and solutions delivered to their business locations.

Not only do clients purchase new products from us, but they also trust us to repair or upgrade their devices. This helps each Batteries Plus retail franchise to become a reliable leader in battery and lighting solutions for their community – all while generating real results for our franchisees as well!

Exterior of a Batteries Plus store. A white van with Batteries Plus branding is parked in front. The store sign reads "Power it. Light it. Fix it." and the address is displayed on the van.

A Batteries Plus Franchise Earns Significant Revenue As a One-Stop Retail Shop

Many retail businesses disregard the commercial side entirely, but at Batteries Plus, it is a major focus of our business model. Those who open a franchise store with us have found great success selling to both retail customers and commercial clients.

While the types of purchases and sizes of orders may differ, retail and B2B customers often share similar buying behaviors. Both segments appreciate that their nearby Batteries Plus franchise has a large and varied inventory, so they can find what they need, as well as convenient, expert service that limits any downtime they may experience, including:

A green battery icon indicating a full charge on a gray circular background.


Green light bulb icon illuminated within a gray circular background.


A green wrench and screwdriver crossed, inside a gray circle.


Green gear icon with digital squares and lines on a gray circular background, representing technology integration.


Becoming a “one-stop shop” has been a major factor in our growth as a brand while also directly contributing to the success of our franchisees.

An Ideal Retail Franchise Venture

Let us show you how our retail franchise model offers a higher upside that is more within reach for entrepreneurs than the traditional small box retail business. We provide comprehensive training and support to educate you on the industry, your responsibilities as a franchise owner, and how to effectively bring in a large client base for your new Batteries Plus store.

We don’t just offer support before your business opens, either. Batteries Plus provides access to plenty of resources throughout your journey as a franchisee, including our network of knowledgeable industry veterans and other franchise owners who can share their advice and experiences with you to overcome challenges.

We also work to keep your costs low so you have a better chance of achieving the financial goals you have set for your next retail business venture. Our initial investment cost is relatively low compared to the rest of the industry – and we are confident that your new Batteries Plus franchise will build the positive momentum needed to generate the results you hope to see!

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A retail store interior with shelves of electronic accessories. A service counter with a "Genuine Samsung Parts" sign is at the center. Signs above advertise phone battery replacements and car accessories.

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