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Batteries Plus Tech Franchise Opportunity in Delaware

Opening a tech franchise in Delaware is a great way to build a business in a booming industry while also enjoying greater career freedom. Batteries Plus is a well-established franchise with over 700 locations and 30+ years of experience. We’ve established ourselves as a stable business with a broad customer base. Now, we’re looking to open new locations in Delaware. If you’re interested in starting your own business or expanding your investment portfolio, you could be a great fit for Batteries Plus. Here, learn more about our exciting battery and lighting franchise opportunity in Delaware.

Why Choose a Battery Store Franchise Opportunity in Delaware?


Delaware’s population is just under a million today

And is predicted to grow steadily through 2050. While Delaware is a small state, it’s home to a number of major companies – like DuPont – as well as colleges and universities. Just like other Americans, the people of Delaware rely on technology to make their lives and businesses run smoothly. Cars, smartphones, lighting, and countless battery-operated devices are just a few examples.


Batteries Plus offers the in-demand products and services these people require to keep their technology running smoothly

While we’re famous for batteries, we’re so much more than a battery franchise. Our stores have automotive and lighting departments, in addition to offering smartphone repair services.

We know there’s a significant demand for our services in Delaware. When you contact us, we’ll take a close look at the demographics in your area to identify the communities with the best potential for a new Batteries Plus lighting franchise in Delaware.


Choose Our Battery Store Franchise Opportunities in Deleware

The most important qualification for a Batteries Plus franchisee is their willingness to put in the work. We’ve greatly simplified the process of opening a new location, but franchisees should still be dedicated to mastering the business model and ready to get involved in preparing their new store.

We’re also looking for franchisees who are ready to make the initial investment. We’ve managed to keep our battery franchise startup costs low, and we welcome franchisees to seek out financing like an SBA loan to help with these costs. 

Batteries Plus franchisees come from all walks of life and rarely have experience working in the technology retail space. A few examples are noted below:


Looking to start their own family business

First responders

With strong brand recognition

Career investors

Who wants to add to their portfolio?

If you identify with any of these categories or perhaps another one altogether, you could be a perfect fit for Batteries Plus!

Contact us today to learn more about why now is a great time to open a Batteries Plus Delaware franchise.

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