Why Choose
Batteries Plus Franchise?

Batteries Plus is known for being a technology retail store franchise that keeps up with consumer trends and demands. While famous for batteries, we are a leading brand with a wide range of other products and services that keep customers coming back. The result? A highly-competitive and stable business model for franchisees to leverage.

- Why us? Easy Answer.

Battery Store Franchise Standout in the Marketplace

Batteries Plus stands out from our competition for a number of reasons. For one thing, the marketplace is fragmented, and many businesses specialize in a niche. Batteries Plus, on the other hand, specializes in more than just batteries. We’re also a lighting franchise, a retail store franchise, and more. Customers love that they can walk into any of our stores and find the specific products and services they need to keep their technology running smoothly.

When a customer isn’t able to find what they need on the shelves, owners are able to source and deliver the product quickly.  We’re dedicated to going above and beyond for customers, which is why we’ve developed such a strong reputation in the industry. The Batteries Plus brand name enjoys major recognition, which is a great benefit to franchisees.

Power It. Light It. Fix It. Batteries Plus provides customers with multiple in-demand products and services.

why franchise with Batteries Plus

Why Franchisees Choose Batteries Plus

From Business Model & Revenue to Training & Support
batteries and light bulbs sold in Batteries Plus

Leverage Multiple Revenue Streams

Franchisees have the opportunity to leverage multiple revenue streams including Retail, Business, eCommerce, and National Accounts. They offer diverse products such as Batteries, Lighting, Repair Services (e.g. smartphones and tablets, key cutting, and programming), and SmartHome.

Diversifying our business model allows franchises to stay competitive even as consumer tastes and technology evolve. Furthermore, many of our customers are actually businesses themselves. Operating within the B2B franchise space and multi unit franchise opportunities allows owners the opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. There’s no cap on what they can earn, and customers aren’t limited to only those who walk in the door. That’s just one of the reasons Batteries Plus has been steadily growing since 1988!

Batteries Plus franchise employees

Get a Lifetime of Support

Batteries Plus has developed a time-tested business model that maximizes efficiency and helps franchisees see a stronger return on their investment. No experience with the technology we offer? Never owned your own business? Not a problem! All you need to do is master the proven system and utilize the resources at your fingertips.

Every Batteries Plus franchisee enjoys a lifetime of support and can count on our team to keep the system up-to-date to help stay on top of the competition.

Batteries Plus franchise employees

World Class Online University

We’ve built an extensive online database so that franchisees can have access to the resources they need when they need them. This advantage is decidedly useful during the training phase – you’ll be able to access materials like a comprehensive operations manual so you can review them on your own time. As an owner, you’ll realize our online resources will allow you to find quick answers to questions, check our warehouse, manage employee schedules, and much more.

You’ll benefit from the most robust proprietary systems to help with sales, inventory, communication, training, and HR. And we’re continuously developing more.

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Who Are Batteries Plus?

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Batteries Plus sign

Our Story Begins in
1988 with a Single Store.

Starting out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Batteries Plus was the first major retailer to respond to the needs of the replacement battery market. But we didn’t stop there – we’ve steadily been adding new products and services as technology evolves.

Today, Batteries Plus is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery, light bulb, and smartphone/tablet repair franchise with a nationwide network of stores. In 2014 and 2015, we were named as one of the Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy in America by Forbes, within our investment category. Check us out on the Franchise 500!

Think You’re a Good Fit?
Check Out the Next Steps!

Batteries Plus works with franchisees from all walks of life, from families looking to start businesses of their own to veterans and first responders looking to earn some extra money as they approach retirement. Contact us to learn what we look for in our franchisees and our multi unit franchise opportunities. Once you’ve invested in Batteries Plus, you can count on us to walk you through the process:

About our franchise brand

01. Learn About Our Brand

You’ll receive comprehensive information and connect with real franchisees. Learn about the high demand for batteries, bulbs, and smartphone repair.

Get to know our franchise team

02. Take Part In A Discovery Day

Get to know our leadership team and company culture.

Sign your franchise agreement with Batteries Plus

03. Become a Franchisee

Signing your franchise agreement means we can start building your business.

market icon

04. Start Selling Commercially

Start building your success early by selling to local businesses in your community before your store opens.

Batteries Plus Franchise location

05. Develop Your Location

Batteries Plus works with you to find the perfect location, build it out, stock it, market it, and much more.

Batteries Plus training

06. Go To Training School

You’ll learn the systems and processes needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Franchise grand opening

07. Enjoy Your Grand Opening

You’ll open your doors to your community, and we’ll continue supporting you throughout the life of your business.

Franchisees Love Our Turnkey Business Model

Sustainable Batteries Plus Store
The Smart Choice: Invest in a Sustainable Batteries Plus Franchise to Drive Success Now and in the Future

For decades, sustainability was an afterthought. But, for both consumers and business owners, it has now become a necessity. Purchasing trends point toward greater short and long-term success for companies that emphasize the pursuit of global environmental health, and Batteries Plus franchisees, along with their communities, are seeing the benefits of investing in the eco-friendly

Diversified Revenue Streams
Batteries Plus Franchisees are Profitable from Diversified Revenue Streams

While you may know us for our orange and green signs nationwide, Batteries Plus franchises are much more than our stores. At Batteries Plus, we proudly serve companies, entities, and individuals with our extensive range of products and services. However, we go beyond the conventional offerings available on our store shelves to provide unique solutions

Batteries Plus Local Partnerships
Building Local Partnerships: Batteries Plus Franchisees Fueling Business Growth

Batteries Plus franchisees are revolutionizing local business landscapes through strategic partnerships, illustrating the strength of community collaboration and responsible franchising. These franchisees are not merely expanding their businesses; they’re embedding themselves as vital contributors to their community’s welfare and progress. These local partnerships go deeper than business transactions; they embody a deep-rooted commitment to community

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