How Our Battery Franchise Is Overcoming Labor Inflation Through Commercial Sales

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The world of franchising is changing. In the wake of the pandemic, franchise operators are facing many new challenges, including labor shortages and, in many states, raising minimum wage standards. One of the ways to offset the rising cost of labor is by tapping into additional revenue streams. Batteries Plus offers enormous franchise revenue opportunities in commercial sales, making Batteries Plus ideally suited to thrive in any economic environment.

What are Some Ways Businesses Can Adapt to a Higher Minimum Wage?

B2B sales play a key role in offsetting the cost of labor inflation. Not only do commercial partners offer additional sources of revenue, but once they’ve been established, they tend to be reliable long-term customers that do not require additional staff to manage. 

Keith Placencio, a Batteries Plus franchisee in Las Cruces, New Mexico, provides a great example of how lucrative B2B partnerships can be. By contacting his local police force, Keith secured a deal for his auto battery franchise to provide for the entire Las Cruces police force and Doña Ana County Fleet Services. Which translates into over 1,300 vehicles. By building commercial partnerships, you’ll have access to revenue streams that exist independently of your retail labor force. 

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What are Some Types of Commercial Accounts?

Power and lighting play an enormous role in nearly every commercial industry, from education and contracting to manufacturing, health care, and government operations. As a Batteries Plus franchisee, you can access over 25,000 battery and 15,000 lighting solutions. Here is just a brief look at some of the top products we offer in a few of our key industries:

Elementary and Higher Education

  • SLA batteries for exit/emergency signs, battery backups, and security panels 
  • SLI batteries for floor scrubbers, fleet vehicles, and lawn equipment
  • Lighting solutions like emergency ballasts, projector lamps, high bays, and more
  • Battery packs for electronic door locks around campus


  • SLI batteries for cars, trucks, construction equipment, and vehicles
  • Cordless tool batteries
  • SLA batteries for security panels, UPS systems, and more

Property Management

  • SLA batteries for emergency lighting, fire, and security alarms
  • High-rate batteries for UPS backups and server banks
  • Indoor, outdoor, and emergency lighting options


  • Alkaline batteries for thermometers, sensor faucets, and automatic soap & towel dispensers 
  • Generator batteries
  • High-rate batteries for UPS backups and server banks

Local & Federal Government

  •  SLI batteries for police cruisers, fire trucks, and other municipal vehicles
  •  Alkaline batteries for 2-way radios, flashlights, and medical equipment
  •  AGM batteries for traffic control lights

How Can I Improve My Franchise Sales?

Feeling intimidated by the prospect of landing commercial accounts? You don’t have to be. Batteries Plus is deeply invested in your success, with resources dedicated to helping you build B2B accounts. You’ll receive a week-long commercially focused training as part of your initial onboarding. Our Commercial Sales Coaches will help teach you the skills to locate and secure commercial accounts. They’ll also provide you with a customized plan, complete with a list of prospective customers in your area and a timeline of when and how to contact them. Plus, you can build success early by selling to local businesses before opening your store.

Additionally, we maintain our own Commercial and National Sales teams. These teams build partnerships with companies nationwide and pass on the accounts to franchisees in our network.

How Profitable are B2B Sales?

Commercial business is one of our top priorities at Batteries Plus. We launched our “Commercial First” program in 2021 and have seen significant sales growth. This includes double-digit commercial sales growth in 2022. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur searching for your first franchise opportunity, or a multi-unit investor looking to diversify your holdings. Batteries Plus offers an enormous opportunity. Why not contact us today to learn more? 

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