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Battery Store Franchise FAQs

Our battery store franchise stands out from other franchise opportunities for a number of reasons. As the leading franchise in our category, we get a lot of questions about what it takes to open a new Batteries Plus. Here, review some of the most common FAQs we get. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us! We’re always happy to share information about the Batteries Plus opportunity.


Competitive Advantages

Batteries Plus has multiple revenue streams built right into our business model. Our franchisees offer products and services to multiple customer groups, including:


  • In-store
  • eCommerce (which many of our competitors can’t match)
  • B2B
  • National Accounts

As many of our customers are commercial clients, they need our products and services to keep their businesses running smoothly. This is just one of the reasons our business model is so stable.

Having been in business since 1988, we’ve weathered many economic highs and lows. Because people need our products and services, we’re not as susceptible to the ebb and flow of changing customer tastes as other retail businesses are. With our research and development team working to ensure that we’re offering the most in-demand technology, we’ve achieved more recession resistance than many other franchises.

Opening a New Location

The franchise agreement specifies that your store will open in 9 months from the time you sign it. The primary variable is real-estate availability in your chosen territory.

Check out our Support page for some examples! We’re always developing new tools, like our comprehensive Retail Management System, designed to simplify your job and strengthen your revenue streams.

While Batteries Plus stores thrive today in a wide variety of markets, there are a few key attributes we look for, including residential population and local business density. As a consumer-oriented retail store, we prefer to be located in markets with destination-driven retail shopping areas typically populated with ‘big box’ stores. Freestanding buildings, strip centers, or dual-usage buildings of at least 1500-1800 square feet located in these high-traffic areas are ideal locations for our storefronts.


Our Franchise Development team will review your areas of interest and provide an assessment of the market opportunity.

Multi-Unit Franchising

We have over 1,000 open territories throughout the United States, so there is likely an opportunity that is where you want to be!

Our franchisees have a good deal of flexibility to create a role that works for them. That noted: we expect that our franchisees will take an active role in things like managing growth, overseeing marketing efforts, and so forth.

The tech industry is growing, and now is a great time to take advantage of our time-tested business model. There’s a strong demand for all of the products and services we have to offer — they’re essential and critical to our customers’ daily lives, and many industries. There’s especially great potential for multiple Batteries Plus franchises to thrive in the same community.

Our Franchise Development team will review your areas of interest and provide an assessment of the market opportunity.

Financing & Costs

We estimate that franchisees will spend $221,813 to $423,831 to get each location up and running.

We have a 30+ year track record and a well-established business model. They have a good idea of what they’re getting into when they finance one of our battery and lighting franchises.

Although Batteries Plus doesn’t offer financing, we can help you identify great financing options. We’ll take into account all the information you share with us about your assets, your credit history, your investments, and so forth to identify the financing options that will be best for you. We’ll help you avoid common mistakes to find a solution that will help your smartphone repair franchise to build the strongest foundation.

Don’t see your question listed? Contact us! We’ll be back in touch soon.

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