The Cost To Open A Franchise

Our Batteries and Bulbs Franchise Cost and Investment

The cost to open a franchise with Batteries Plus covers virtually everything it takes to start a thriving new retail business with multiple revenue streams. Learn how much you should expect to spend when you open your new business.

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- Batteries Plus Revenue Figures

How much can you make? It’s up to you, but the sky’s the limit.

The top-performing quarter of all of our stores earned an average of $1,540,246*. The battery and lighting franchise costs are geared towards helping you see the best franchise profit margin. Request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document to review more earning reports for yourself.

*The $1,056,246 in average net revenue is based on net sales information of 130 Batteries Plus® franchised stores in the top 25% of the 520 Batteries Plus® franchised stores in operation during the entire 2023 calendar year. Of the 520 stores, 41 stores (32%) met or exceeded the average net revenue. The average net revenue of the 130 Batteries Plus® stores in the bottom 25% of the 520 Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2023 calendar year was $430,179. Of these 130 stores, 74 (57%) met or exceeded the average net revenue.

Franchise costs and cash control training

battery industry

$110 billion

Batteries Plus Store operations training

lighting industry

$118.3 billion

Batteries Plus Retail Management training

phone repair industry

$3.9 billion

Batteries Plus Equipment and Product use training

car accessories industry

$415 billion

Batteries Plus Controlling Operations Training

key FOB industry

$4.82 billion

Batteries Plus Controlling Operations Training

smart home industry

$28,864 million

$652 Billion Industry Value

Join a Thriving Industry

That’s how much the combined industries we serve are worth, according to our internal research. One of the best things about choosing Batteries Plus is you’re not just investing in the battery industry or the smartphone repair industry; your new business leverages trends across a range of industries and customer groups.

Our versatility makes Batteries Plus that much more competitive and has helped us build a remarkably stable business model over the years. 

A few of the industries we serve are listed to the left – contact us for the full breakdown.

What’s Included in Our Franchise Costs?

When you invest in the Batteries Plus cell phone repair franchise, costs represent an investment in a proven system that’s built on years of experience. We know the exact costs of what it takes to open one of our stores and can provide our franchisees with a complete breakdown for them to follow. That way, you’ll be less likely to run into unexpected costs as you grow and allows you to better plan for every step.   Below are a few of the items included in our initial estimated investment of $246,918 – $498,419. Contact us for a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, where you can review the full breakdown or our tablet repair franchise costs.
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Initial Franchise Start-Up Costs

Estimates Based Upon Historical Franchise Development Costs

Franchise Customer Base


Initial Franchise Fee

Franchise Single vs. Multi-units

$13,000 - $20,000

New Store Marketing Campaign Contribution

Franchise Location

$53,000 - $64,000


Franchise Marketing Plan

$45,000 to $57,000

Equipment and Fixtures

Establish a strong franchise brand

$0 to $80,000

Leasehold Improvements

Leveraging Retirement Funds as Financing Options

$35,700 to $36,275

Retail Management System

Evolving Product Lines
to Capture New Business

Categories We Serve

Our Business Model is Diversified

Power Your Sales with Corporate Accounts

Be the Number One Choice for Area Businesses

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Deliver Custom Business Solutions

Support businesses large and small with customized sales and services based upon each account’s unique needs.  Deliver simple procurement programs from placing orders, pricing, delivery and recycling services.

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Are You a Veteran or First Responder?

Batteries Plus is proud to offer exclusive discounts on our franchise fee to qualified veterans and first responders. If you’re looking to build a thriving career, look no further than the Batteries Plus franchise opportunity.

An Exciting Opportunity for Investors

Adding a new business to your portfolio has never been easier. Get in touch to learn more about what it takes to leverage our cell phone repair franchise opportunity while managing other investments.

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