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A Batteries Plus Franchise Opportunity in Ohio

In this free eBook, we’ve put together a sneak peek at some of what’s included in the investment to open a new franchise in Ohio. If you’re interested in learning about our franchise costs, along with the perks of choosing Batteries Plus, this could be a valuable resource.

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Batteries Plus

The Batteries Plus Tech Franchise Opportunity in Ohio

There’s great potential for technology franchises in Ohio today. Batteries Plus has been a leader in the tech space since 1988, and we’ve identified Ohio as an excellent market for our brand. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business for the first time or are a seasoned investor looking to add to your portfolio, Batteries Plus has an exciting franchise opportunity for your consideration.

Why Choose Batteries Plus?


The industries we serve have a combined value of over $652 billion:

As you can see, there’s strong demand for all our products and services throughout the U.S. and globally. We know how to leverage that demand, which is how we’ve become a leading force in a business that’s constantly growing and changing.

Batteries Plus adapts to industry trends by integrating new products and services into our offerings

As a result, franchises can be sure they’re staying on the cutting-edge. Of course, this is just one example of the comprehensive support we have to offer. Franchisees leverage time-tested systems throughout the process of opening their business and can count on the Batteries Plus team to stand behind them as they grow.


Why Open a Battery Store Franchise in Ohio?

Ohio has an ideal customer base for Batteries Plus. It's home to numerous major cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, and Columbus, to name a few. Industry is booming in these hubs and Ohio's suburban communities.

Ohio is home to over 850,000 small businesses, not to mention the many major companies with headquarters in the state (including Kroger, P&G, and Goodyear). These businesses need batteries, lighting, auto, and smartphone technology to run smoothly. 

Batteries Plus has years of experience serving small businesses, major accounts, and e-commerce companies. We’re well equipped to help them get the products and services they need without any hassle. 

Of course, we’re famous for working directly with customers as well. People love that they can walk into any of our stores to get the hard-to-find batteries and bulbs they need, along with smartphone repair and smart home solutions. With a population of over 11 million, there are many people to serve in Ohio.

As you can see, our battery store franchise opportunity in Ohio has outstanding potential. The process of opening a new store is straightforward, and with our help, you could be up and running in less than a year. 

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