The Smart Choice: Invest in a Sustainable Batteries Plus Franchise to Drive Success Now and in the Future

Sustainable Batteries Plus Store

For decades, sustainability was an afterthought. But, for both consumers and business owners, it has now become a necessity. Purchasing trends point toward greater short and long-term success for companies that emphasize the pursuit of global environmental health, and Batteries Plus franchisees, along with their communities, are seeing the benefits of investing in the eco-friendly brand.

Consumer Demand for Eco-Friendly Products Is on the Rise

Research shows that companies hold a competitive advantage when they integrate sustainable practices into their business operations. In fact, 55% of consumers say environmental responsibility is extremely important when choosing a brand. It is particularly important to Millennials and Gen Z, who will surpass Baby Boomers in purchasing power by the year 2030. Surveys conducted over the past five years concluded that 75% of all Millennial respondents consider sustainability when making a purchase.

Sustainability is a priority, and one that is made simple, for Batteries Plus franchisees. When customers drop off their recyclable materials—Batteries Plus stores take care of the rest. From batteries and light bulbs to tablets, laptops, cell phones, and more; Batteries Plus offers a variety of recycling services that repurpose materials for secondary uses, contributing to a healthier planet and a more profitable business.

Aligning business practices with those of customers leads to increased market share and customer loyalty, and embracing sustainability helps consumers feel good about purchasing products that are positive for them and their communities.

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Mitigation, and Community Impact

Local and federal governments continue to expand environmental regulations and corporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By investing in Batteries Plus, franchisees tap into a business model that stays ahead of the curve to meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements, implementing sustainable recycling solutions and proper disposal of hazardous materials, like batteries.

Each year, Batteries Plus stores recycle more than 47 million pounds of lead-acid batteries, over half a million pounds (306 tons) of light bulbs, and more than 30,000 pounds (15 tons) of ballasts. These practices keep dangerous materials out of landfills that negatively impact the planet and can lead to heavy fines for businesses.

The Batteries Plus business model also sets store owners up to be community leaders, creating jobs—data from the National Recycling Coalition shows that recycling generates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries—and allows customers to shop with a brand that is compatible with their personal values. Many people consider a company’s impact on the environment and support to their community when deciding where to purchase goods and services. Batteries Plus franchisees work tirelessly to lower their carbon footprint and repurpose material for secondary uses.

Cost Savings Through Efficient Operations

Energy prices and the pressure to disclose the social practices of businesses are on the rise. Consumers prefer to buy from companies that use fewer resources, less packaging, less toxic materials, produce less waste, and invest in renewable energy and sustainability. Companies at the forefront of sustainable procurement have a profitability edge and higher EBITDA margins, with margins 3 percentage points above those that do not.

Batteries Plus franchisees benefit from the company’s emphasis on energy-efficient store operations and waste reduction measures, and sustainable practices can help cut operational costs in the long run. For example, installing energy-efficient lighting can reduce costs associated with lighting and cooling by up to 75 percent.

By adopting sustainable practices, Batteries Plus franchises enhance their resilience, setting themselves up for long-term success with increased profits and reduced operational costs.

Long-Term Viability and Growth

Together, sustainable businesses support each other’s efforts to better their communities and reduce negative climate trends. That’s why Batteries Plus franchisees partner with local schools, hospitals, and government agencies, creating multiple revenue streams with like-minded eco-focused institutions. Relying solely on a single revenue source can expose businesses to financial vulnerability.

To ensure long-term financial sustainability, diversification of revenue is essential, and a key focus for the Batteries Plus business model. Our franchisees tailor sales and offerings within their local communities to open new revenue streams and expand customer bases, reducing financial dependence on one singular consumer demographic.

Batteries Plus fully embraces sustainability, allowing franchisees to navigate the complexities of today’s economic scene while positively impacting the environment and communities. By taking these critical steps, Batteries Plus has risen to the top of the franchising industry, setting their local businesses up for long-term success.

To embark on your journey with a company that’s powering communities and driving forward with a vision for the future, contact us today and discover how you can be a part of this exciting growth story.

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