Celebrating Excellence: Batteries Plus Annual Sales Achievement Event

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At Batteries Plus, we are thrilled to share the incredible success of our annual Sales Achievement Event, which took place in Las Vegas from May 14-16. This celebration honored the remarkable accomplishments of our dedicated franchise owners and showed our appreciation for their unwavering commitment to the success of Batteries Plus.

We were delighted to welcome 95 owner groups to this year’s event, a significant increase from last year’s 65 qualified owner groups. This surge in participation highlights the growing strength and unity within our franchise system. Throughout the event, we presented nearly 200 awards, recognizing both single and multi-unit store owners who have been with us for up to 32  years. Our store owners were recognized across 15 sales achievement categories, including:

  • Top Commercial Sales
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Top Overall Sales
  • Highest Sales Month
  • Customer Service Award
  • Rising Star
  • Rookie of the Year
  • President’s Club Award
  • Platinum Club Award
  • Diamond Club Award
  • MVP

“We are immensely proud of the remarkable achievements of our store owners, whose passion and dedication consistently propel Batteries Plus to new heights,” said Joe Malmuth, Chief Development Officer for Batteries Plus. “Our Sales Achievement Event not only celebrates their individual accomplishments but also underscores the collective strength and unity that define our franchise family.”

One of the standout moments of the event was presenting the MVP Award to Corey Robinson. Corey’s exemplary efforts across 12 of his stores in Illinois, Iowa, and Texas have set a benchmark in our franchise system. Starting with a four-store agreement in 2022, Corey has demonstrated substantial growth in sales, personnel, and inventory management. “Corey has balanced grace in growth with tremendous leadership abilities in just two years within our system,” said Joe Malmuth, our Chief Development Officer. “We have been thrilled to watch him grow his business and could not be prouder to have him as a part of our Batteries Plus franchise family.”

Another highlight was recognizing Norman Jemal from Eatontown, New Jersey, who was awarded Rookie of the Year. Norman specialized in B2B contracts across New Jersey, securing partnerships with automotive dealers, generator companies, supply chain companies, and more. His marketing expertise and personal touch in developing these partnerships have set records for first-year sales.

Additionally, we honored ten franchisees with the Brand Ambassador Award for their dedication to growing the business and representing our brand. Rich Epps, Keith Placencio, Corey Robinson, Dustin Myers, Alan Goldsmith, Rob Roskowski, Jason Riebel, Ryan Tollefson, Jon Ptacek, and Greg Belatti each received recognition for their efforts in helping develop future franchisees and guiding them toward success.

Among the Rising Stars were Jimmy Lipps of West Kendall, Florida, and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Keith Placencio of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Jimmy adopted a “commercial first” mentality, building a strong foundation for inventory and growth, setting a record for commercial sales before even opening his store. Keith achieved a 45 percent growth in commercial sales within his first year, landing a significant deal with the Las Cruces Police Department and the county’s fleet services department.

“Jimmy and Keith have quickly distinguished themselves as outstanding business owners, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them in our franchise network,” said Jon Sica, our Chief Operating Officer. “Their rapid success showcases not only their exceptional skills but also the power of the Batteries Plus brand.”

We were also pleased to see 34 vendor partners participate at this year’s event, nearly double the number from last year. This increase is a testament to the strong relationships and collaborative spirit we have cultivated with our vendors. “We are grateful for the invaluable contributions of our store owners and vendors alike for supporting the growth and achievements of Batteries Plus and driving our success,” said Jon Sica. “Each accomplishment celebrated at this event emphasizes our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.”

In addition to celebrating the achievements of our franchise owners, we have had a record-breaking year overall. In April, we surpassed our all-time commercial sales record shortly after witnessing a record-breaking sales month in January. Batteries Plus continues to offer unmatched products and services, from powering equipment, fleets, fire and security systems, and tools, to cell phone repair, key fob programming, laptops, and more.

Ranked #130 on this year’s Franchise Times Top 400 list and gaining 40 spots on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, we have demonstrated outstanding performance in unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power. This success reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled products and services and strengthening our position as an industry leader.

To embark on your journey with a company that’s powering communities and driving forward with a vision for the future, contact us today and discover how you can be a part of this exciting growth story.

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