How Batteries Plus Franchisees Can Benefit from Corporate Stores

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Batteries Plus has 104 corporate stores in its system, and they’re utilized in numerous ways to benefit the brand as a whole.

Generally, there are 3 main advantages to having corporate stores within the franchise system:

  • They help set the foundation for other stores’ business-related decisions.
  • They act as the genesis of where most company ideas and initiatives are tested.
  • They give the brand a leg-up when competing with other franchisors.

One reason having corporate stores makes the brand a better operator is that they serve as trial run sites to test out new products, changes to in-store procedures and new promotions. In other words, the corporate stores function as an additional proof of concept when franchisees work with the franchisor to make operational adjustments.

“Franchise prospects know franchisors will never ask you to do something that corporate stores haven’t done,” said Joe Sica, Chief Strategy & Development Officer.

Testing things such as new pricing strategies, equipment and programs gives Batteries Plus the ability to know if they’re worth the investment and will drive a return for franchisees. In turn, that strengthens the franchisee-franchisor relationship by giving credibility to the implemented changes. Most business plans have peaks and valleys when carrying them out, and the corporate stores already seeing some of the highs and lows puts the franchisees in a better position to succeed when changes are ultimately rolled out.

“It makes us a better operator. We understand the same challenges and can speak to that authentically with our franchisees,” Sica said.

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How Do I Benefit?

Since the brand’s expansion strategy is 100% franchisee-driven, any increase in store capital goes at the franchisee’s pace. If owners want to monetize or move on to their next step in life, the corporate team can also support franchisees in reselling the store.

During the formative years of being a franchisee, Batteries Plus’ corporate stores serve as a resource for franchisees to lean on for sound advice for implementing new strategies and products to meet or exceed their store’s goals. Batteries Plus’ corporate stores have a vested interest in continually improving processes to upgrade unit-level economics and store level-profitability. Franchisees know Batteries Plus has “skin in the game,” so the corporate members empathize with franchisees about operational struggles because they see them first hand.

Furthermore, a franchisor is both a buyer and a seller, and the brand uses corporate stores to streamline opportunities. Not only do they assist franchisees during their careers, they also create opportunities for franchisees further down the line both in terms of re-franchising or acquiring retirement benefits after a long, productive career.

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Getting Started In a Retail Franchise With Unparalleled Franchisor Support

With over 200 people available at the Batteries Plus headquarters and another 70 people in the company’s distribution center, franchisees can depend on a centralized support system dedicated to their success.

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