Your Roadmap Towards Opening a Battery Store Franchise: Our Process Explained

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Opening a battery store franchise is easier than ever when you choose Batteries Plus. We’ve opened hundreds of stores in our 30+ years of experience and have created a streamlined process designed to save you money and time. The best way to get the whole picture is to contact us so we can break it down with your circumstances in mind. Here, review a few of the essential steps franchisees work through.

Step 1: Contact Us & Learn About the Brand

We’ll get to know you and your goals and provide you with basic information on Batteries Plus, including what we’ll expect from you and vice versa. Meanwhile, we’ll take a look at your financial history and the area where you’d like to set up your battery store franchise. If you’re well qualified to make the investment and there’s strong potential in your community, we’re still headed towards a partnership.

Around this time, we’ll provide you with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), so you can read all of the fine print associated with the investment. Be sure to read it closely – signing your franchise agreement indicates that you’ve read and understand the FDD.

If it seems like we’d be a good fit, we’ll move on to the next stages.

Step 2: Discovery Day

You’ll be introduced to our leadership team and the experts you’ll be working with as you set up your new business. This face-to-face meeting is a great opportunity to learn more about our company culture and identify if there is a connection between you and the brandask all of your remaining questions. Our team willThey’ll be interested to learn more about you, your background, and why you chose Batteries Plus.

Step 3: Become a Franchisee

You’ll sign your franchise agreement and pay your initial franchise fee. Now we can really get to work on opening your battery store franchise.

Step 4: Develop Your Location

The Batteries Plus real estate experts will work with you to find the perfect location in your area. We’ll consider factors like size and cost, ensuring that your space will help you see a strong ROI for the long term.

Once we’ve found the perfect place, we can get to work on building it out, stocking the shelves, and launching a marketing campaign.

Step 5: Training School

You’ll participate in a comprehensive training program where you’ll learn about the systems, processes, products and services, and resources Batteries Plus has in place to simplify operations. By the time you leave, you should feel confident and ready to open your battery store franchise.

Step 6: Your Grand Opening and Beyond

It’s finally time to open your doors and start making sales! Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that it goes off without a hitch, that you and your staff are implementing the correct procedures, and that you’re able to start building great customer relationships.

This process is just the beginning – we’ll be there to help you as you grow your business. Contact Batteries Plus today to learn more about what it takes to open a franchise of your own.

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