Why the Batteries Plus Franchise is More Than Essential: Observations from Our New CMMO

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We recently sat down with Batteries Plus’ Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer, Derek Detenber to get his thoughts on what differentiates Batteries Plus from other franchises. Derek is relatively new to our brand, having joined the company in February of 2022, after over two decades in key marketing roles at companies such as Artisanal Brewing Ventures, Wendy’s and Massage Envy.

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Q: What Makes Batteries Plus a Life-Long Brand?

A: When it comes to the reliability of a business, there are two key factors. The first is offering an essential product or service. The second is to differentiate it from competitors.

Throughout the pandemic, our essential products and services allowed us to stay open and continue to grow. In our $652 billion industry, it’s not enough just to offer essentials. Other places sell the same products, and you don’t gain a competitive edge by being a “follower.”

Batteries Plus is a leading franchise for several reasons, and we have something not a lot of other franchises in our space can say: a rich history. Since 1988, we’ve provided superior customer service by hiring the right people and having a strong training program. This keeps customers coming back since they’re not only visiting our stores for products, but for expertise.

It also gives customers confidence in their purchases – especially for essential items they expect to last, like batteries and electronics. It is our team’s decades of experience and proven business model that allow franchisees to become the “go-to” experts in their communities and continue to grow.

Batteries Plus has been around to work its way through many types of business challenges and it taught us a thing or two about resiliency.  We’ve come out of several recessions stronger than ever and are prepared for whatever the future may hold. After all, consumers and businesses will always be in need of batteries, electronics and our repair services.

Q: What Sets Batteries Plus Apart from Other Franchise Opportunities?

A: Besides its natural resiliency, our franchisees can count on multiple revenue streams. From in-store sales to eCommerce, B2B sales and national accounts, consumers and businesses can be made into life-long customers. This makes it possible for our top 75% of locations to top $1 million in sales each year.

Our one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform is something competitors can’t match, and it provides a convenient way for our customers to order the products they need to keep their homes, business, vehicles and electronics running smoothly. Our platform also geolocates customers to the store nearest them, driving revenue and footsteps to our locations.

This high demand and reliability are what made 2021 a record-breaking year for our franchise and why so many franchisees go on to become multi-unit franchise owners, with the average one owning at least four locations.

Batteries Plus employees in a warehouse

Q: How Does Batteries Plus Stand Out to Customers?

A: The best thing you can do for your business is to step into your customers’ shoes. Because we provide specific products and services that are always in demand, trust is an important factor. Think about what you’d look for if you were bringing your smartphone in for a repair and what makes customer service stand out to you.

Our comprehensive training and ongoing support ensure that all franchisees and employees are knowledgeable and able to help our customers find the best solutions. Unlike competitors, regular customers are known by name and they get to know the people serving them.

Our diverse products and services paired with our expertise are what set us apart from online marketplaces like Amazon, by allowing us to help guide customers to the solutions that work best for them

Q: What Role Does Marketing Play in Differentiating an Essential Business?

A: Working for Wendy’s taught me a lot about building a marketing strategy in one of the most competitive markets in the world: fast food. Often compared to other franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King, our marketing team’s task was to differentiate the brand beyond the products we served.

Wendy’s marketing tactics went viral several times, especially with their personable Twitter presence that interacted with competitive or like-minded brands and followers.  This is because customers are not just interested in your business; they’re interested in the people behind your business and the Wendy’s Twitter handle was a way to give our customers a glimpse into who we were and how we thought about the world.

Building a great brand is not just about having great fonts, colors and a logo. It’s about building and demonstrating a  personality. In a niche market like batteries and electronics, it can seem difficult at first glance to build a brand that “pulls people in.” But, we are working to create a brand that has unique aspects to it. As an example, this is why we highlight our expertise in our device repair.  Our device repair experts go through hours of training to receive their certifications. When customers walk into Batteries Plus, they know they have experts they can count on, which they can’t get through most competitors.

Batteries Plus franchise employees in a meeting

For over 30 years, we’ve continued to expand our offerings, worked to become an instantly recognizable brand, grown to over 700 locations and made an impact on the communities we serve.

Q: How Do Prospective Franchisees Know if Batteries Plus is Right for Them?

A: Just as potential franchisees scope out investment opportunities, the best thing we can do as a franchisor is to invest in the right people. Our team of experts is made up of forward-thinking, business-savvy, passionate, hands-on and sales-oriented individuals. And, we look for the same in our franchisees.

Someone knowledgeable about what it takes to operate a successful business is key, as is having a strong and supportive corporate team to help them along the way. From the start of the Discovery Process throughout the life of your business, the Batteries Plus team is here to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Want to learn more about getting involved in an essential market and the support Batteries Plus offers franchisees? Click here to get in touch with our team to learn more about our franchising opportunities.

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