Why Batteries Plus is Perfect for Diversifying Your Multi-Unit Portfolio

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When becoming a multi unit franchise owner, it’s a wise idea to invest in several different brands simultaneously. If you’re looking for a reliable hedge for your multi-unit portfolio, consider Batteries Plus. Our selection of battery and lighting solutions remains essential in any economic climate. Plus, our stores offer a much more affordable initial investment than other popular franchise concepts. 

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio?

While investing in a single brand provides synergy between your different locations, it leaves you vulnerable to changes in the marketplace. If your franchise brand or industry begins to underperform, your profitability is tied completely to one franchise concept. This is something that many investors experienced during the pandemic as QSR, fitness and hotel franchises went from profiting to struggling virtually overnight. By diversifying the franchises you invest in, you help to mitigate your risk in the event of an economic downturn. 

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Batteries Plus is a Stable, Recession-Proof Investment

As a franchise, Batteries Plus fills a stable role in your multi-unit portfolio. While many franchise opportunities offer luxury goods and experiences, Batteries Plus deals exclusively in essential goods and services. By investing in Batteries Plus, you are largely insulated from fluctuating market trends. When money gets tight, many customers will stop eating at restaurants or visiting hotels, but they will continue to repair their tablets and replace the batteries in their cars, phones, and other essentials. 

Batteries Plus Offers a Low Initial Investment

Batteries Plus also offers a significantly lower investment compared to other popular franchise concepts. Plus, our stores require only minimal staffing and can be opened much quicker. Here is a brief breakdown:  

Total Initial Investment 

  • Batteries Plus = $197,400 – $465,600
  • Average QSR Franchise = $1 million+
  • Average Fitness Franchise = $2 million+
  • Average Hotel Franchise = $3 million+

Staffing Requirements

  • Batteries Plus Staffing = 5-7 employees
  • Average Fitness Franchise Staffing = 15+ employees
  • Average QSR Franchise Staffing = 30+ employees
  • Average Hotel Franchise Staffing = 50+ employees

Timeline to Open

  • Batteries Plus Average Opening Time = 60-120 days 
  • QSR Franchise Average Opening Time = 6-12 months
  • Big Box Franchise Average Opening Time = 6-18 months

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Push Your Profits Further with Business Accounts 

As a Batteries Plus owner, you’ll also have the opportunity to build business accounts. Our organization is the power and lighting provider of choice for thousands of businesses across a wide range of industries including contractors, education facilities, fire & security specialists, manufacturers, property management companies, as well as local and federal government agencies. Business accounts represent an enormous revenue opportunity with our top 75% of commercially engaged franchisees making an average of $1,344,427*

To help you build this business, Batteries Plus has a variety of resources to help franchisees capture business sales, including: 

  • Commercial First Program – Allows you to start selling to business customers once you sign your lease, letting you build B2B sales before your location has even opened 
  • Sales Effectiveness Coaches that help train your team in selling strategies
  • In-house Marketing department that has created a database of industry profiles, sell sheets and other selling materials
  • Commercial as a Service Option – Don’t feel like approaching clients on your own? Our organization will manage a salesperson on your behalf, allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you want. 

Learn More About Batteries Plus 

Want to learn more about what Batteries Plus can do for your portfolio? Reach out to us today. We’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with everything you need to determine whether Batteries Plus is the right one for your portfolio. 

*The $1,563,859 in average net revenue for commercially engaged stores is based on net sales information of 83 Batteries Plus® stores in the top 50% of the 166 commercially engaged Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2022 calendar year. The average net revenue of the 83 Batteries Plus® stores in the bottom 50% of the 166 Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2022 calendar year was $724,386. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of our 2023 FDD for further details. 

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