What Qualities Make Up an Ideal Batteries Plus Franchisee?

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As a rapidly-growing retail franchise, Batteries Plus is always looking for passionate individuals to help expand the award-winning brand. Franchisees come from all kinds of backgrounds, and while they’re unlimited, many fall into one of five categories. 

Through in-depth research, including interviews with Batteries Plus franchisees, our retail brand compiled detailed descriptions of ideal franchisee personas:

A Batteries Plus Franchisee is a Brand Enthusiast

Many franchisees start as customers. Between the specialty product line and superior customer services, they’re drawn further into the brand, so much so that they sign on to open a franchise location.

These franchisees are typically over the age of 25 with at least a high school diploma and a management background. They’re very familiar with Batteries Plus and understand the necessity of batteries, lights and electronics. 

With this knowledge, they can educate the community and successfully promote their store(s) to new customers, even though they may have no prior entrepreneurial experience or higher education. They have authentic reasons for investing, and their passion for the products and services is what sets them apart.

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Family Business and Legacy Franchisees

Some franchisees invest in Batteries Plus as a family-oriented business to find stability, long-term profit and growth opportunities that they can pass down for decades. These individuals may not have prior knowledge of the brand, come from all different career backgrounds and are often husband/wife duos who are at least 30 years old.

Unlike the brand enthusiasts, they may have never even been in a Batteries Plus store before exploring the franchising opportunity and may focus largely on the initial investment costs to decide if they’d like to move forward. They do their research to make sure it’s a family brand and may have discovered Batteries Plus had open territories in the area.

They may only be interested in one store and due to lack of experience, may take some more time to learn the ins and outs of running a retail business. This is where Batteries Plus’ comprehensive training and initial and ongoing support in areas like research, operations and marketing make all the difference.

Batteries Plus desires these franchisees due to their trust and motivation when they decide to invest. Their welcoming atmosphere draws customers in by furthering their trustworthy reputation and making them each feel like a part of the family.

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Veterans can become a Batteries Plus Franchisee

After serving in the military, veterans often look for a second career opportunity. While some come from leadership and management backgrounds, they may not necessarily have business experience. They are, however, highly organized and ambitious individuals, running some of the most successful Batteries Plus locations. They are not risk-takers and like to “play things by the book,” which suits well with the franchising model and helps them achieve success.

They’re profit-driven, disciplined and goal-oriented. Their military background allows them to work well with others and build strong teams that revolve around trust and loyalty, becoming the perfect candidate for a Batteries Plus Franchise.

Between the brand’s veteran discounts and unique opportunities, they take an interest in franchising and opening their stores quickly, and the Batteries Plus team admires their dedication and excitement about this new career path. 

Corporate Executives and Career Investors

These individuals come from high-level business backgrounds, are usually in the second half of their careers and have at least twenty years of experience as a Director, Vice President, or in a C-Suite role. They are looking to invest in a business where they don’t necessarily have to be involved in day-to-day operations but will serve as high-level oversight.

They rely on trust and loyalty to hire successful managers and employees to run the store and look at the investment opportunity as purely profitable. These franchisees often have at least a college degree, understand the ins and outs of business development and believe in the brand after extensive research.

Their business-savvy nature and forward-thinking mindsets help them achieve milestones and continue building on Batteries Plus’ positive reputation.

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Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Some individuals sign on with Batteries Plus after years in the franchising industry. They’ve done plenty of market research and have hands-on experience and insights that others do not. They’ve already built a successful brand with other franchises and multiple locations and have a college degree.

They often have experience in the retail space and a successful track record of building infrastructure to facilitate investing in multi-unit franchise opportunities. These individuals keep up-to-date with national business media, such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, franchise trade publications, attend conferences, and regularly review the Batteries Plus franchise development website.

Batteries Plus welcomes these franchisees with open arms, as they make sound decisions based on facts and numbers and are interested in seeing a high Return on Investment in a short amount of time. As they open multiple units, they help expand the brand throughout their local area and generate awareness.

Do you fall into any of these categories or have a passion for providing helpful solutions to every-day problems? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus store in your area!

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