Three Great Reasons to Open Multiple Smart Home Franchise Locations!

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There are lots of great reasons to open a smart home franchise with Batteries Plus, including our recognized brand name, our time-tested business model, and our ongoing support. But did you know it makes a whole lot of sense to open more than one? That’s right! Multi-unit ownership comes with many important perks, and here, we’ll review just three of them.

You Become a Trusted Business Leader

Taking advantage of a multi-unit ownership opportunity with Batteries Plus means you’ll not only be able to grow your presence in your community and build the brand name but also offer more people our broad inventory and suite of services. Ours is already a recognized and trusted name, and owning more than one Batteries Plus smart home franchise will allow you to bring more to your community and the chance to build on customer loyalty. You’re a business leader when you own more than one Batteries Plus, and that opens up all kinds of opportunities for special discounts and increased revenue growth!

You Actually Save Time and Money

More than one smart home franchise means you’ll share systems, procedures, and resources, allowing you to consolidate and streamline operations for all of them — potentially saving you time and money. You might also be able to take advantage of reduced pricing for marketing and advertising efforts because they’ll benefit from more than one location.

You Grow Your Bottom Line

Of course, one of the more obvious benefits of multi-unit ownership is the opportunity to grow your bottom line — and what business owner doesn’t want that? More Batteries Plus smart home franchises mean more revenue streams, as each will be catering to the needs of unique neighborhoods and demographics. Each community you serve will discover all the great products you carry and services you provide and will appreciate that you’re working to bring those to them.

Furthermore, because you’ve already put the work into one franchise location, you’ll know what to expect with the next. You’ll have the experience under your belt to anticipate needs and responsibilities, giving you more time to focus on what really matters — customer service and growth!

These are just a few reasons why Batteries Plus multi-unit ownership makes sense. To find out how you can save money by opening more than one location, reach out today!

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