The Holidays Mean Your Battery Store Franchise Will Be Extra Busy!

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The holiday season typically creates a mass rush to buy the latest trendy products before they go out of stock or their sale ends. Not long after this push to buy, those who ended up with those products, whether they made the purchase for themselves or received it as a holiday gift, are looking for additional items to help these products work to their full capabilities. These trends hold particularly true for items, that require power for them to run, such as battery-powered toys, electric scooters and bikes, and portable power banks for electronics. For a Batteries Plus battery store franchise, that means the holiday season will be delivering those customers right to their doorway for repair or replacement of faulty items.

Gift Returns Can Be a Nightmare

When people receive a gift that arrives broken or defective or it ends up breaking immediately within its first few uses, the recipient’s instinct is often to just take it back to the vendor for a refund. However, many vendors have strictly defined return policies (especially during the holiday season) that limit the chances of customers getting their money back, particularly for tech products.

Not wanting to suffer the sunk cost of the broken product, whether financial or emotional, many people will be turning to a professional repair service to fix it. Knowing that Batteries Plus provides leading expertise and quick resolutions for their repair needs, these consumers will be searching for their nearby franchise location.

Meeting Customer Expectations

The heavy demand that increases foot traffic to stores would certainly challenge most retail franchises. However, as a Batteries Plus franchise, you’ll be prepared to keep up with the needs of customers.

Most Batteries Plus locations are between 1,400 and 1,800 square feet. This manageable space means you won’t be overstocked with products that you’re struggling to sell. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about running out of inventory either. With our proprietary system, you can place weekly orders and manage inventory to ensure that you’re not lacking items you need to meet customer demand.

From a staffing perspective, your Batteries Plus franchise won’t require as many employees working at one time as other competitors in the industry do. With the small box format utilized at Batteries Plus stores, not only will you be able to keep overhead low, but you’ll also keep up with the holiday rush and grow your business. The training resources available at Batteries Plus will keep you and your employees informed on best practices and the most effective methods, so you can continue to leave a positive impression on customers.

While the holiday season is a time of year that is particularly important to a battery store franchise, the opportunity to grow your business does not begin and end there. Batteries Plus is well-positioned to keep your franchise trending in the right direction all year round.

To take advantage of the business potential available in a Batteries Plus franchise, contact us to get started today!

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