Why Stability Is Anything But Boring For Batteries Plus Franchisees

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Stability may not be the driving force that gets you into business, but it is certainly what will keep you in business.

The adrenaline and excitement of being a first-time franchisee, starting a business, learning the ins and outs and being involved in the day-to-day operations is the fuel you need to get your investment off the ground.

However, the novelty eventually subsides and while the thrill of business ownership is always there, you’ll need to face some sobering realities. Does your business provide stability in the face of shifting economic circumstances? Are you consistently seeing fluctuations in business performance because of seasonality? Are you at the mercy of limited-time offers to generate consumer interest?

Instability puts your business at risk while the predictability derived from a diverse range of revenue streams and essential products and services is what gives you the opportunities to grow. This is a lesson that many Batteries Plus multi-unit franchise owners have learned and what has allowed them to expand in the face of challenging circumstances.

A Niche Retail Franchise Concept

Batteries Plus offers franchisees an unwavering and predictable investment opportunity due to the multiple revenue streams, essential products and growth potential with commercial, national accounts and ecommerce. Collectively, batteries, lighting, phone and tablet repair, key cutting and programming and smart home technology provide Batteries Plus franchisees access to industries valued annually at nearly $60 billion.

Additionally, many Batteries Plus franchise owners have established business-to-business relationships with local municipalities, first responders and hospitals. These types of organizations depend on Batteries Plus as a reliable source for specialty batteries and generators to power everything from medical devices like infusion pumps, monitors, and carts on wheels to emergency equipment and transportation.

Multiple, lucrative revenue streams are a fundamental advantage for Batteries Plus franchisees in a highly competitive retail landscape. By tapping into these markets, franchisees diversify their cash flow, protect against instability and can scale their business more effectively than single-market retail concepts.

Unlike other franchise concepts at the mercy of changing food costs, fads or me-too competitors, Batteries Plus is the nation’s only independent battery, light bulb and phone repair service franchise. Being the leader in a relatively narrow niche allows franchisees to invest their money in a stable, predictable business.

Batteries Plus has predictable sales year to year, and the franchise model can serve as an anchor point in investors’ portfolios, especially those who may need to balance out riskier investments.

Batteries Plus Franchise Owners Who Grew in 2020

In a post-COVID world, entrepreneurs need a predictable P&L sheet for a desirable lifestyle and financial performance. These are just a few examples of Batteries Plus franchisees who learned this first hand during one of the most unprecedented challenges of recent years:

  • Rich Epps was going to sign the lease for his eighth location in Sun City Center, Florida, the day before lockdowns were announced, so he decided to wait. However, when he saw how well his other stores were doing during the shutdown, he reconsidered and ended up signing in May and opened his eighth store in the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • In 2018, Javier and Alejandro Barqeuro opened their second Batteries Plus store and opened their third in March of 2020. With all of their stores seeing sales increases of 10-15 percent year over year, they now have plans for two more locations. Especially, with the real estate market, they are seeing some of the best offers they have seen since 2015.
  • Ryan Tollefson, who co-owns six locations across California, signed on to open three more stores in the last half of 2020 to fulfill the demand within the Sacramento area. Ryan’s father Don, opened the first store in California in 1996 and since then Ryan has taken over the day-to-day operations to further grow his father’s legacy store, expanded and now completely covers the Sacramento territory.

Reinforce Your Franchise Portfolio

The reliability of the Batteries Plus business model and product line makes it an attractive investment for multi-unit operators of different brands that have experienced challenges with concepts that were hit hard by COVID-19.

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