Phone Repair Industry Trends to Expect in 2022

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Technology is known for its ever-evolving nature, making it harder and harder for the average consumer to keep up with. As such, when encountering a problem with a new or otherwise unfamiliar piece of technology, these consumers will probably have difficulty resolving it on their own and will likely turn to a professional repair service. This bodes well for those in the phone repair industry, and specifically for entrepreneurs partnering with Batteries Plus to own a reputable franchise as we head into the new year.

With more than 30 years of servicing satisfied customers and over 700 locations established across the country, Batteries Plus has become a trusted name for battery, lighting, and technology repair. The resourceful team at Batteries Plus constantly monitors, anticipates, and reacts to trends in our industry space to help our franchisees stay ahead of the curve. Here are some industry trends that we have identified that should be noted as 2022 approaches.

Reliance on Mobile Devices to Increase

As the world scales its resumption of ‘normal’ activities back to its pre-pandemic levels, much of the population, especially working professionals, will be operating on the go once again. This creates a greater emphasis on being available to operate from any location. A mobile device like a smartphone creates the needed workaround for this exact scenario.

From this trend, repair professionals like those at Batteries Plus will see a surge of consumers (and revenue) whenever something happens to their smartphones. A quick turnaround from a broken device to the smartphone regaining full functions again is imperative for these customers, so they’ll look to their trusted Batteries Plus professionals to see the process is completed efficiently.

Consumers Opt for ‘Less is More’ Approach

With budgets for many individuals still tight, particularly when it comes to technology upgrades, consumers will be looking for smartphone models that can be more accurately described as ‘gets the job done’ rather than the ‘latest and greatest.’ For example, the iPhone SE – a simplistic yet sleek throwback design to earlier iPhone models – quickly emerged as one of the hottest selling smartphones on the market, despite its release occurring during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers appreciated its fast-operating speed and familiar features that they had grown accustomed to, which had been left behind by the more recent models.

Outside of the iPhone SE’s desirable qualities, this trend indicates that consumers are not scrambling to buy the latest version of each new technology product – despite what these companies might want everyone to believe. Consumers will likely prefer to fix their broken but familiar smartphone rather than spend a significant amount of money replacing it with the latest model.

Even with a dip in consumer purchasing power, the market for mobile phones will remain strong. If these trends hold true in 2022 as expected, the phone repair industry should experience a surge in business that our Batteries Plus franchisees can take advantage of.

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