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Have you considered purchasing a battery franchise but are afraid you lack the necessary skills? If so, we have good news for you. Our franchisees come from all walks of life, and many have no retail experience. As a franchisee, you’ll enjoy ongoing support that extends throughout the entire life of your business, including comprehensive training programs, operational support resources, and an extensive franchisee network.

Commercial Sales Training That Sets You Up to Succeed

As part of your initial training, you will attend a week-long training before opening your brick-and-mortar store. In this training program, you will learn the strategies you need to build this additional business and the resources, product, and industry knowledge needed to succeed. Once back in your market, a dedicated Commercial Sales Coach will meet one-on-one to help you develop the skills you need to land commercial accounts as you visit prospective customers in your area.

Batteries Plus Offers World-Class Retail Franchise Training

Batteries Plus occupies a unique space in the retail and B2B market. Since our stores offer diverse technology products and services, we’ve built a training program to teach you everything you need to know about our industry. During your initial two-week training, our experts will walk you through day-to-day essentials like store procedures, POS, and retail management systems operation and provide you with a foundational view of the battery industry, including product knowledge, best practices, and device repair certification. 

How Batteries Plus Compares to Auto Repair Franchises

Ongoing Support Resources for Franchise Owners

At Batteries Plus we’re proud to provide our owners with an ongoing network of support that lasts the entire life of their business. As a franchisee, these are just a few of the teams that have your back:

Real Estate Team – Our team will assist you in initial site selection, help guide you to the best real estate options, and aid you throughout the property negotiation process.

Prosource – Our product catalog system provides you with a complete list of our products and houses sell sheets and other tools to help educate you on uses and best practices.

Product Support team – Need information about a particular battery? Our Product Support team members are always available to answer questions about the thousands of products we offer.

Customer Care team – When customers have concerns, they can call our dedicated customer service team. Not only does this team offer valuable troubleshooting tips, but they’ll also help you navigate conflicts to recover missed customer service opportunities.

Quality Assurance team – The QA team evaluates our international suppliers and performs in-depth quality testing to ensure that the products on your shelves meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards.

Commercial & National Sales team – Each franchise owner has a dedicated Commercial Sales Coach, who will work one-on-one with you to help identify opportunities, work with you to build your market plan, and coach you through your sales leads. The National Sales team also builds partnerships with companies nationwide and passes the accounts onto franchisees in our network.

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Gain Additional Support Through our Franchisee Network

Nothing bonds individuals like shared experiences. There are hundreds of Batteries Plus franchisees located throughout the country who routinely correspond to network, share best practices, and talk through unique challenges. If you have a question, there’s a good chance one of our franchisees has the answer. There are also several franchisee owner groups, such as the Franchise Advisory Council and the Franchisee Marketing Fund Council, created to represent owners’ interests. Franchisee conversation is also encouraged through regional meetings, our sales achievement event, and an annual convention planned for 2025.  

Want to learn more? Contact us today. We’ll provide you with a full breakdown of our business, financials, and everything you need to decide if Batteries Plus fits your investment goals.

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