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The Batteries Plus tech franchise costs are designed to cover virtually everything you need to open a new franchise. You’ll find a well-developed comprehensive investment breakdown that includes real estate costs, inventory, marketing expenses, build-out, and much more. The best way to review it for yourself is to request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document. For now, check out a sneak peek of the Batteries Plus tech franchise costs.

The Total Estimated Initial Investment

The amount you’ll ultimately spend on your new franchise depends on a number of factors, like the size and location of your store. We estimate that new franchisees will spend $199,025 to $361,200 on their new businesses. This investment is remarkably low compared to other retail franchises. Because we control our own distribution and have decades of experience opening hundreds of locations, the Batteries Plus team has come up with lots of ways to keep costs low when you open your doors and as you grow your franchise.

Below are a few of the expenses included in the initial investment.

One-Time Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee for an individual unit is $39,500. This fee is one of the essential tech franchise costs to consider when you partner with Batteries Plus. It grants you the right to operate under a notable brand name providing you access to valuable resources like pre-opening support, marketing resources, a cost-effective supply chain, proprietary software, and much more.
Independent business owners need to figure everything out from the ground up, which can take months, even years. Mistakes can cost valuable time and money. As a Batteries Plus franchisee, you’re buying into a well-established, stable system that’s proven to work. That’s why the initial franchise fee is one of the most important tech franchise costs to consider.

Keep in mind; Batteries Plus offers exclusive discounts on the franchise fee when you open two or more locations.

Marketing Campaign Contribution

Depending on your store’s location, your initial marketing fund contribution will be between $10K-$20K. This contribution will allow us to help you develop local marketing initiatives, catching the attention of prospective customers to generate business on and after your grand opening.

Another great benefit of choosing a franchisor like Batteries Plus is that we have built up a cache of marketing materials that can easily be customized to your store and utilized through a range of channels, from digital media to billboards and radio. Our experts will determine your area’s most effective channels, helping you get the most for your initial marketing investment.

These are just a few of the tech franchise costs included in the initial Batteries Plus investment. Contact us to request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document to review the full breakdown for yourself.

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