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Owning and operating a franchise has proven to be a profitable business method for entrepreneurs across a myriad of industries and vertical markets. However, finding the right corporate partner to launch a franchise location with can be particularly challenging, especially for those starting in the retail franchise market. Luckily, the Batteries Plus franchise business model offers ambitious partners a proven path to success.

With over 30 years as an established, reputable brand that maintains a solid connection to its customer base, Batteries Plus has consistently provided a platform for franchisees to utilize as they build their business.

Evolving to Meet Customer Demand

When the first Batteries Plus location opened its doors in 1988, we specifically focused on services for people who owned devices experiencing battery issues. Fast forward to the present, and Batteries Plus now offers an ever-expanding roster of products to bring customers back and meet their power needs.

While the marketplace we operate in has fragmented as competitors elect to focus on their specializations and niches, Batteries Plus goes beyond what is in our name. Batteries Plus has become known as a reliable source of expertise with the ability to quickly supply consumers with the products they are trying to find. As such, Batteries Plus enjoys significant name recognition, which we’ve leveraged to assist franchisees in over 700 locations across the United States.

Strong Business Foundations

In addition to the product lines mentioned previously, Batteries Plus offers franchisees diverse revenue streams to power their business, including retail, eCommerce, national accounts, and more. This allows Batteries Plus franchises to keep pace with the fast-moving changes in technology and consumer taste.

With room to grow in the B2B space, the sky is the limit for franchisees who were previously solely focused on waiting for local individuals to walk through their doors. The franchise opening process at Batteries Plus gives you time to learn about the brand, our company culture, and develop your location, so you are best positioned to hit the ground running after your location’s grand opening.

Getting New Franchise Owners Up to Speed

If you lack experience running your own business or with the retail franchise space, Batteries Plus has a training program designed to position all new franchisees for success from their first day. Educating our partners on the service we provide, how to adapt to shifts in the market and their customers’ needs, and securing a strong foothold in their community goes a long way to ensure our franchisees have what they need to open their business with confidence. Our business model maximizes efficiency for franchisees who follow it, regardless of their background prior to opening their Batteries Plus location.

Beyond the initial training, Batteries Plus provides a multitude of resources for franchisees to utilize and keep their positive momentum going. Our online database offers direct access for franchisees to review operations manuals, order and schedule inventory delivery from our warehouse, manage employee schedules, and much more. Our online tools also help manage aspects of your business such as sales, internal communication, on-site employee training for new hires at your location, and human resources, to name a few.

Contact us today to discover more about how the Batteries Plus franchise business model will put you on the right track!

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