Battery Store Franchise Support: Providing Owners With Ongoing Assistance

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At Batteries Plus, we take pride in providing our battery store franchise owners with ongoing, comprehensive support. Before your grand opening, you’ll be given extensive training to help teach you everything you need to know about batteries and bulbs. But what about after you’ve opened your store? As a Batteries Plus franchisee, you’ll never go it alone. You’ll receive ongoing assistance in the areas of Customer Care, Product/Bulb Support, and POS system Services.

Customer Care is Part of Our Battery Store Franchise Training

The Customer Care team is dedicated to keeping your customers happy. Think of them as an extension of your store. They help to research and resolve a wide range of customer issues in the areas of technical assistance, website navigation, order shipment, and store policies.

Batteries Plus maintains separate Customer Care phone lines, with four of them dedicated to a specific brand. These lines are easy for customers to reach, with contact info printed directly on our product packaging. For instance, if a customer has questions about a recent Duracell battery purchase, they will find the appropriate phone number right there on the box.

But the Customer Care team does far more than answer customer product questions. They also assist with orders (both e-commerce and in-store) and answer questions related to returning options and warranty information. Plus, they can help track shipping data and other related concerns.

The team also fields customer concerns, although these are typically quite rare. In these situations, Customer Care serves as an intermediary between you and the customer, helping you to find the best possible resolution.

Our Battery Store Franchise Provides a Full Support Team When it Comes to Product

The Product Support and Bulb Support teams are your go-to source for product and technical expertise. Product support assists with batteries, flashlights, and additional miscellaneous products, while Bulb Support specializes in light bulbs and lighting fixtures.

These teams are there to answer your product questions and help store employees to locate difficult-to-find items. Let’s say a customer requires a replacement battery you’ve never seen before. Your Product Support representative will first help you identify the correct battery and assist you in locating a replacement. Sometimes that’s as simple as ordering something from the warehouse, however, if the battery is not available through regular channels, the representative will research potential suppliers, provide you with pricing information and help you find the best solution to fit your customer’s needs.

These teams also serve as valuable sources of technical information. Do you have questions about a light fixture or other item in your store? Your Product and Bulb Support reps are experts in their field who can answer even the most in-depth questions regarding lighting control systems and battery specifics, including the best ways to maximize their performance. This means that no matter what questions you encounter, you can rest easy knowing that the Product and Bulb Support teams have you covered.

battery store franchise

Point of Sale System Services

The POS (point-of-sale) team offers support for all of your point-of-sale technology. Do you have a problem with your database or a credit card machine? The POS team is just a phone call away. These experts field a wide range of issues including application support and store operation assistance. Having trouble logging into one of your applications? POS can help. Do you have questions related to purchasing or receiving merchandise? POS is there to provide you with the answers you need to help keep your customers happy.

In addition, the POS team is on hand to assist you with important back-of-store issues like account administration and hardware support. That means they can help you with issues involving your email, intranet, or company portal, as well as questions related to PCs, printers, and more. Plus, if you experience a serious issue, the team acts as a single point of contact for emergency hardware replacement and other business-critical concerns.

Batteries Plus offers an incredible array of ongoing support that extends far beyond your initial battery store franchise training. This frees you up to focus your efforts on running your business and serving your customer’s needs. If franchise ownership sounds like the right fit for you, you can find out more by visiting our research pages. Contact us today!

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