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Many people are evaluating their careers and looking for paths that better fit their priorities and ambitions. Over the past year, there has been a surge in career changes, as many working professionals not only change jobs but enter new industries and start a business for themselves. Batteries Plus offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs with a desire to open a retail franchise and start a new business journey.

Does the profile noted above describe you and your outlook on your current career path as a working professional? If you are searching for the right business opportunity that provides more earnings from your hard work, greater input in the decision-making process, a leadership role amongst your staff, and a chance to distinguish yourself in your community, the Batteries Plus brand would love to welcome you as a new member of the family.

Earnings That Your Work Deserves

Professionals across the workforce express dissatisfaction with the role or company they work in or for but often remain because they prefer the steady stream of reliable income they earn in their current position rather than starting on uncertain ground with their own business venture. Joining the Batteries Plus brand family allows individuals to exercise greater control over their earning potential.

The combined industry values for this opportunity has reached $652 billion and should maintain its growth as technology continues to change our day-to-day lives. With the average top half performing franchisee reaching seven figures in yearly net revenue and the average multi-unit franchise owning at least four Batteries Plus stores, the proof of earning potential as a Batteries Plus franchise owner lies in our current franchisees’ repeated achievement and investment with us.

Strong Support From the Batteries Plus Family

With the resources and training provided at Batteries Plus, we strive to treat franchisees as not just business partners but members of our brand family. Our franchise business model is designed to maximize your efficiency and help you overcome any obstacles that appear during your business journey.

For professionals that are new to operating as a small business owner or working in the retail franchise industry, Batteries Plus shares a comprehensive training program designed to familiarize you with all of the tools and techniques that you’ll need to get your franchise off the ground. This training does not stop once your location opens its doors for the first time either. Batteries Plus offers an online database for franchisees to utilize for administrative tasks, business best practices, and day-to-day functions as they need.

Building Leadership Skills

Franchising allows leaders to connect on a more personal level with fellow entrepreneurs, employees, and local community members while still having the corporate resources needed to drive business. If you’ve always desired to work in a leadership role and develop your skills further in a workplace where you’ll have more input, the Batteries Plus team is a great partner for you. Batteries Plus holds an exemplary record of helping individuals transition into a role that brings out the best in them by partnering together to open a retail franchise.

If joining the Batteries Plus brand family is of interest to you, request more information to get started on your next business adventure today!

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