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Opening a battery store business is a great way to take control of your career by working for yourself. Batteries Plus has developed a culture of support and respect throughout the decades we’ve been in business, which sets us apart from other franchisors. Here, learn more about that culture and how it benefits our franchisees.

Adaptability is Key Value

Like all retail franchises, we want our stores to offer the most in-demand products. However, in the technology field, those products are constantly evolving and changing. Some technology franchisors elect to rely on the same old vendors and systems, which makes them slow to adapt. When you open a battery store business with Batteries Plus, however, you can count on us to keep your store ahead of the competition.

We invest heavily in research and development so we can incorporate new trends into our stores. While we started off focusing on the needs of the battery replacement sector, today, we handle lighting, smart home, smartphone repair, key fobs, batteries . . . and far more.

A Strong Leadership Team

The Batteries Plus leadership team doesn’t just know how to stay on top of the latest technology; they’re also experts in franchising. With many decades of combined experience, they’ve learned how to help entire brands and individual franchisees meet their growth goals. You can count on them to help you start your business off on the right foot and generate strategies to keep it on track towards hitting growth targets.

The franchise support experts you’ll work with as you open your business are personally invested in your store. They’ll get into the weeds with you as you master our systems, cultivate a customer base, and much more. If you’re looking for a franchisor to be a true partner, look no further than Batteries Plus.

A Culture of Support

Not only is the Batteries Plus franchise team dedicated to building up your store, but they’re also always looking for new ways to improve the system as a whole. Opening a battery store franchise with Batteries Plus is easier than ever because we’ve created numerous valuable support systems and regularly introduce new ones. A few of the resources our franchisees can look forward to include:

  • A Retail Management System to streamline sales, inventory, and record-keeping
  • A quality assurance team to ensure you’re stocking the best products
  • Advertising and marketing programs to keep customers coming to your store
  • A dedicated warehouse, cutting intermediaries out of the supply chain to save you time and money

You can count on Batteries Plus to regularly evaluate these systems to ensure they’re still working as intended.

Contact Batteries Plus today to learn more about opening a battery store business with the benefit of our positive company culture.

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