Marketing: A Key Step to Opening a Batteries Plus Franchise

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The steps to opening a tech franchise with Batteries Plus are straightforward. Your partnership with Batteries Plus begins by finding the right location. What follows is your participating in our comprehensive training program, stocking your store, and soon after opening your doors. In the midst of that, though, you’ll also work with our Marketing experts to craft a targeted marketing campaign specific to your store, your city, and your region. Batteries Plus provides invaluable support throughout all of these steps, including, foremost, our marketing support. After all, the right campaign will grab customers’ attention and invite them to visit your store. Here, learn more about the importance of marketing your new location and how the Marketing experts at Batteries Plus can help.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

There are various marketing channels, defined as the people, organizations, and activities that make goods and services available for use by consumers by transferring ownership of goods from production to consumption. In other words, the different marketing vehicles we will appropriately implement to spread the word about your new Batteries Plus franchise to reach your best customers. One of the first steps to opening a tech franchise is developing marketing collateral specific to the channels in your area that will be most effective. A great benefit of partnering with Batteries Plus is that we already have a cache of ready-made marketing materials easily customized for your location. Examples of marketing materials include:

Local Marketing Channels (which target a wide audience)

  • Broadcast TV
  • Streaming TV
  • Radio
  • Streaming Radio
  • Out of Homes
  • Print
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Local Social Media
  • and more!

National Marketing Channels (which target customers where they live online)

  • Paid & Organic Social Media
  • Google Search & Shopping
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Email
  • SMS
  • and more!

We’ll help you identify the proper channels to reach prospective customers in your area so that you can get the best results for your marketing campaign.

Monitoring the Results of Your Campaigns

One of the next steps toward opening a Batteries Plus franchise is ensuring that your marketing campaigns have the intended results. Our goal for you is to see every dollar of ad revenue that you spend brings in even more money in revenue. You can rest assured that you can rely on the ongoing support of the Batteries Plus Marketing experts to help you build and monitor your marketing campaign and achieve the results you should expect.

About Our Marketing Team

While you’re busy growing your franchise, the Batteries Plus marketing team is working hard behind the scenes to create new collateral that highlights popular products and services and catches the eye of prospective customers. Important collateral like social posts, email, postcards, flyers, text messaging, store locator content for your particular location, and so much more will highlight your products and services and be incredibly effective in building and maintaining your customer base. Let us take charge! We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be. You concentrate on running your business and leading your team. We’ll concentrate on driving traffic and raising awareness.

These are just a few reasons why marketing is one of the most important steps toward opening a tech franchise. Contact us today to learn more about the marketing support you can look forward to with Batteries Plus.

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