How to Run a Tech Franchise: 5 “Musts” for Franchisee Success

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Beginning your journey as an entrepreneur can seem intimidating no matter where you start. This daunting feeling is especially true if you are trying to figure out how to run a tech franchise.

With a stable business model that has shown consistent growth for over three decades, Batteries Plus has a strong track record in ensuring franchisees can hit the ground running and quickly generate revenue. This article will share five strategies to help franchisees succeed as they progress in their journey.

Commercial Earnings

While there are several ways to evaluate your success as a franchisee, at the forefront is turning a profit. After all, you are investing significant money, time, and other resources to make your franchise the best it can be. You deserve a corporate partner who has both the capability and willingness to back their franchisees to meet their commercial goals.

The tech franchise industry boasts a valuation of $652 billion, and Batteries Plus is well positioned to help our franchisees become top earners in the industry. While most of our franchisees start with one Batteries plus unit, our average multi-unit franchisee owns 4+ stores, proving the success of our franchisee relationships and their confidence in their bottom line. For more information, review our 2021 FDD.


Competing against massive corporations with seemingly unlimited resources can be unnerving, but Batteries Plus has the support system to keep franchisees stocked with the proper inventory. The dedicated research and development team at Batteries Plus identifies the products that customers are looking to buy from your location, so you’re on top of your stocking needs.

Our proprietary system helps you manage your franchise’s inventory and place orders so that you can keep your shelves at the appropriate levels. Our 150,000 square foot warehouse keeps a full stock of our products and can ship them to your store at your request.


Learning the ropes is a critical part of any new franchisee’s journey in the industry. Batteries Plus provides both initial and ongoing training for franchisees to learn tech franchise best practices and become experts on the products we sell. Your initial training will cover:

  • Costs and cash control
  • Equipment and product use
  • Store operations
  • Methods to control operating costs
  • Using our Retail Management System
  • Marketing and more!

By completing the training, franchisees feel empowered to advance their operations quickly.

Network with Other Franchisees

You may feel on your own when opening your franchise, but as part of the Batteries Plus family, that could not be further from the truth! We have a vast network of franchisees with diverse backgrounds, many of whom lacked technology or business ownership experience before starting their Batteries Plus franchise location.

We’re searching for suitable franchisee candidates in various locations, and our network of existing franchisee partners are happy to share their insights on getting started!

Connect with Your Community

Dating back to when the first Batteries Plus store opened in 1988, our brand has become a trusted source for customers coming to us for their tech needs. With our expansive array of services and expertise, communities have come to expect the highest quality of service from their local Batteries Plus location.

As consumers’ needs have evolved, so has the Batteries Plus team. Our franchise owners can service smartphones, computers, vehicles, tablets, and other battery-powered devices. We’ve also expanded to specialty bulbs, green technology, and more.

If you’re excited to start a new business opportunity and want to learn more on how to run a tech franchise, reach out to the Batteries Plus team today!

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