How One Batteries Plus Franchisee Exemplifies the Brand’s Leadership Values

Richard Epps

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Batteries Plus has built a notable legacy of strong leadership over decades of perseverance, commitment, and trust. When investing in Batteries Plus, franchisees have confidence that they are joining a brand that is backed by strong leaders. This is why Batteries Plus recognizes leadership as one of the top qualities for being an effective Batteries Plus owner.

In fact, many prospective franchisees begin their journey by inquiring about the type of skills and characteristics it takes to be a successful owner. Multi-unit owner, Richard (Rich) Epps is one of the many franchisees who exemplifies the leadership values of Batteries Plus.

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Every Business is a People Business

Before owning multiple Batteries Plus locations, Rich held managerial roles in customer service. For 25 years, he worked for a big-box home improvement retailer across multiple store locations. Rich expressed how quickly he had to learn how to manage people – and how to get good at it.

“Effective management is a tough skill – it takes a lot of resilience to become an effective manager-turned-leader,” he said.

During his years as a District Manager in the retail industry, Rich learned how to best support his staff by being a team player. He knew that in order to gain the trust of his employees, and be an effective leader, he had to show his commitment to solving problems – no matter how big or how small.

When it comes to managing people, relying on trust is paramount. In order for a business to succeed, a leader must trust his employees, just as they trust their leader. From handing out awards to celebrating their milestones, Rich is always there to recognize and support his staff.

As a Batteries Plus owner, he understands the importance of celebrating their hard work and dedication, especially since they truly are like one big family. His acknowledgment of each staff member has helped Rich build a community across his multiple locations, bringing the brand even more together as a whole.

Recognition Brings Community Together

As a result of Rich’s successful leadership and the dedication of his team, his stores have received several performance awards including Top Customer Service, Platinum Club Sales Achievement for two of his locations, and President’s Club sales achievement award. Rich and his wife Kelli were also recently recognized with a Brand Ambassador Award. This award was given to a group of Batteries Plus franchisees that voluntarily speak with prospective or recently-signed franchisees to tell them about their experience with the company and assist with any questions.

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Leadership Goes Beyond the Store

One of the reasons Rich chose to invest in Batteries Plus is because of their active participation in giving back to local communities. In addition to Rich’s leadership within his stores, Rich actively shows up to congratulate the winners of local Batteries Plus partnerships. As an example, Rich met the students of the Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg to congratulate them for winning the “School of the Year” award. This is a contest hosted by Batteries Plus to provide a selected school with a year’s worth of Duracell PROCELL batteries.

Between their top-notch support and their strong network of franchisees to learn from, Batteries Plus, as a brand,  is a leader – and as a result, they attract franchisees who are also leaders. This is why Batteries Plus has continued to be the leading franchise investment for over 30 years and will continue to be for the next 30.

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