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As we head into the holiday season, battery service franchises experience a growth in customers, as people everywhere are preparing for cold, snowy winters. Car batteries are more likely to fail in the winter because low temperatures force the battery to work harder, while simultaneously lowering the amount of current the battery generates. 

One of the main features that sets Batteries Plus apart from competitors is our personalized customer battery service and this year, we’re taking it a step further by launching our “Get There” campaign to help educate car and truck drivers on the importance of being prepared this winter season. 

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Why More Customers are Choosing Our Battery Service

Recent reports predict that nearly half of all Americans will hit the road this holiday travel season. The last thing anyone wants is for their car to get stalled and risk running late for their treasured family time. Winter is all about being proactive, and between plummeting temperatures and Batteries Plus’ unrivaled customer loyalty, our specialty products and services will remain as essential as ever.

As the labor shortage continues, big box stores have taken a big hit when it comes to customer service. Consumers are seeking experts with specialty expertise who will take the time to learn about their needs and make the best recommendations to solve their problems – in other words, they’re looking for specialized retailers like Batteries Plus.

Being Known as Trustworthy Neighborhood Battery Service  Experts

Being around for over 34 years has its perks, with several generations turning to Batteries Plus to Power It. Light It. Fix It. Thanks to our comprehensive training program, our experts can provide top-class, honest service that is rare to come by. 

Throughout the years, Batteries Plus Franchise has earned customers’ trust not only through automotive products and services but by keeping their cell phones, key fobs, and tablet batteries operating for longer and more efficiently.

This winter, as customers visit one of our more than 700 locations, our technicians will test their car batteries for free to determine if they need to be replaced. If not, they will still perform regular maintenance, removing any corrosion buildup to help extend the battery life.

If a new battery is needed, they’ll help consumers identify the right one for their car, and through our premier installation service, apply anti-corrosion products while installing the new battery. All our stores offer almost 100 different auto battery styles and sizes, including AGM batteries that are better equipped to handle cold weather.

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Preparing Franchisees for the Busy Winter Ahead

While essential businesses remain in demand year-round, Batteries Plus’ diverse offerings mean certain product categories peak at different points throughout the year – such as boating and outdoor needs during summer and of course, the winter car battery uptick. 

Still, Batteries Plus is unique in that it only takes 4-5 employees to run a location successfully, so franchisees won’t have to worry about being understaffed. Because of our established relationships with suppliers, proactive inventory ordering and our own Distribution Center, they’ll also be able to stay ahead of growing product demand.

Meanwhile, we’re gearing franchisees up for the busy season through comprehensive training, inventory stock-up programs and marketing.

Batteries Plus offers a solid, reliable investment opportunity so that franchisees can help customers make it to their families to celebrate this holiday season – and so that they can live a comfortable lifestyle and celebrate with theirs.

Looking for an essential battery service franchise opportunity with world-class training and support, multiple revenue streams, and an honorable reputation? Contact us today to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus in your area.

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