How Batteries Plus is Leading the Charge as a Sustainable Retail Franchise

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With the rise of green consumerism, brands that offer sustainable solutions will come out on top. According to a recent report, 3 in 5 consumers are willing to pay more for “green” products. With Batteries Plus’ diverse products and services and eco-friendly model, customers know just where to go when shopping sustainably – and franchisees experience plenty of benefits.

Giving Products a New Life

One perk of being in the batteries and electronics industry is getting to help customers make the most of their products. When they invest in electronics, they do so with the expectation that they’ll last a long time. Through our comprehensive training program, our associates learn how to help customers find more efficient battery or lighting solutions, steering them toward products that use energy more efficiently.

Offering many different types of batteries and solutions allows customers to give a “new life” to products that may have been thrown away or replaced – especially those that require specialty batteries. For instance, replacing a cell phone’s battery helps prolong a phone’s life. Since the components used to create phones have to be mined, this would also lower its carbon footprint.

It can be difficult for customers to find specialty batteries, whether they check their local hardware store or online. The superior customer service at Batteries Plus helps consumers and businesses find just what they’re looking for. This, combined with the brand’s over three decades of history, results in strong customer loyalty that is rare in the retail space.

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Forming Eco-Friendly Partnerships

In the last few months, Batteries Plus has enhanced sustainability efforts by partnering with Goal Zero, a solar generator company on a mission to provide customers with a safe and reliable energy source during emergencies. 

The Goal Zero backup system can keep circuits running during a blackout, thanks to the power of solar energy. As California anticipates more blackouts and aims to eliminate gas-powered outdoor appliances by 2028, Batteries Plus and Goal Zero will continue to play a crucial role in the state’s eco-friendly efforts. Plus, Batteries Plus stores sell Goal Zero products nationwide, expanding access to these much-needed, “green” products.

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Building a Sustainable Retail Franchise

With a brand that relies so heavily on batteries, lighting and electronics, “green” initiatives are at the forefront of our business goals and operations. Customers don’t just come in to shop for sustainable products; our recycling service also brings them in the door. 

Batteries Plus stores are local, “go-to” locations for recycling all kinds of products- from hundreds of batteries and light bulbs to tablets, laptops, cell phones, portable tools, power cords and charging accessories. 

Batteries Plus makes recycling easy, keeps dangerous materials out of landfills and works with partners to repurpose as much as possible. Recycling services are available to consumers and business accounts, and Batteries Plus stores recycle over half a million pounds of light bulbs and 47.5 million pounds of lead acid batteries per year.

Looking for a retail franchise opportunity with a forward-thinking team focused on sustainability? Contact us today to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus in your area!

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