How Batteries Plus Combines Quality, Safety and Support to Achieve Success

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In our 35 years of business, we’ve learned plenty about what it takes to drive customer loyalty and achieve success – and at the heart of it all is our purpose of providing top-quality, long-lasting solutions to our customers.

Over the decades, we’ve developed specific systems and processes for quality assurance and safety measures. Our product testing, packaging, shipping and recycling are just a few of the ways we stand out from competitors and are still achieving record growth. All of these measures improve confidence, profitability and takes the burden off of the franchisee.

Investing in the Right People and Equipment

Before products are shipped to our stores, they’re put through an in-depth inspection and testing process. Batteries Plus employs Mechanical, Chemical and BMS engineers who understand each piece of every product. We also conduct safety and hazmat training throughout our warehouses and stores. 

These tests and trainings are conducted at our 15,000 st. ft. lab at our HQ in Hartland, Wisconsin, as well as our quality lab in China, where we have specialized equipment to measure each product for safety, performance and reliability.

We conduct every industry test, as established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for batteries and the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association for mobile devices. These tests include purposely making components fail to ensure that they fail safely and environmental tests to ensure products are safe and effective in all climates.


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Tracking and Reporting

Documenting all data is vital to the success of any business. Batteries Plus employs our product and category management team to track and continuously improve product quality. They handpick the “best of the best” for our stores and as new data comes in, they re-evaluate regularly to ensure our customers are receiving only the most trustworthy solutions.

Prioritizing quality and safety does not stop once a product is on the shelf. We are consistently tracking analytics, returns and customer feedback through our centralized database called the Customer Concern Report.

Packaging and Shipping

Different products require different packaging – especially products that require such careful handling. From best packing practices to protective materials, we also send sample packages to third parties to validate they meet or exceed standards and transportation needs. We work with a variety of shipping carriers and have chosen each based on factors like care and safety.

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Recycling and Sustainability

Beyond our products, Batteries Plus is on a mission to minimize our long-term environmental impact. By offering sustainable solutions to consumers and businesses and recycling batteries, bulbs and small electronics, we’re reducing the amount of chemicals in landfills and the carbon footprint of producing new products all at once.

We currently work with industry-leading recycling partners to recycle around 48 million pounds of batteries and over half a million pounds of lightbulbs per year, and we’re continuing to research innovative ways to drive efficiencies through the battery supply chain every day. 

All-Inclusive Support

In addition to selling top-quality products, Batteries Plus offers a comprehensive training program to all franchisees and employees, so that we can truly provide unmatched customer service and expertise.

Plus, with ongoing support in areas like operations, B2B sales, marketing and more, franchisees have a team they can count on throughout the life of their business.

Looking to join a resilient franchise that’s always investing in product quality and safety? Click here to learn more about becoming a Batteries Plus franchisee.

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