How Batteries Plus’ Business Model Helps Franchisees Thrive

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A recession-resistant business model results in growth for Batteries Plus franchise owners.

In March, as businesses across the country were forced to close in compliance with state-enforced social distancing measures, certain companies deemed “essential businesses” were allowed to continue operating. Batteries Plus was one such business . During this time, each of our 720+ stores across the country were allowed to stay open throughout the ongoing coronavirus crisis due to our support of crucial businesses working in the medical and manufacturing industries.

The Advantage of Being Essential

Batteries Plus earned its essential business designation by providing products and services for medical devices like infusion pumps, monitors and carts on wheels, all of which remain crucial in the fight against COVID-19. While the essential business designation enabled us to stay open, our unique operational model allowed our brand to achieve noticeable growth in a number of other areas during a period when most businesses across the country are scaling back.

“Device repair has skyrocketed, primarily because we have remained open while other repair locations, like Apple, haven’t been labeled as essential,” said Shirley Duehring, a six-unit Batteries Plus franchise owner in North Carolina, who says she’s also seen a spike in battery replacements for cell phones, thermometers and even lawnmowers.

The secret behind this success lies in our dual-revenue model, with our stores providing services for both commercial and consumer clients. This has proven incredibly lucrative for our company in recent months as both streams have seen an increase in demand.

“Typically, with dual-revenue businesses, you expect one stream to support the business when the other is lagging, but that’s not the case here,” said Jon Sica, VP of franchise development at Batteries Plus. “Virtually all of our products and services have seen increased demand, even as the economy continues to decline. That’s not something you can find at many other businesses.”

A Reliable Brand in Times of Need

While our combination of products and services has positioned us to survive the coronavirus crisis, our stores have also proven remarkably adept at adapting to changing shopping conditions. We were able to implement curbside operations for all of our products and services across all of our locations nationwide in 48 hours.

This ability to adapt quickly has enabled our brand to thrive not only during the coronavirus pandemic, but throughout a range of crises in the past. “Our model has survived a lot, from recessions to natural disasters and now this global pandemic,” Sica said. “We provide a service that people really need, especially in times of crisis, and when you couple that with our expertise, our focus on customer service and the credibility we have as an established brand, that’s what makes us an essential resource when times are tough.”

A New Generation of Franchisees

Our success throughout the coronavirus crisis has not gone unnoticed, with many new franchisees  signing deals to open new stores. Since March, we have signed four new franchise partners, including one who will open the brand’s first location in Vermont, which is scheduled to open in October of 2020. We have also recently expanded our franchise opportunity by opening up a number of new markets that had previously been closed.

“A lot of people are looking for new opportunities right now, something that will give them more control over their career,” Sica said. “More than ever, they are also concerned with finding a business that will not only survive downturns in the economy but one that can lend a hand in a meaningful way. That narrows down the options quite a bit, and it’s leading a lot of great, passionate new entrepreneurs to Batteries Plus.”

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