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Batteries Plus would like to take the opportunity to thank our franchisees and their staff for keeping our stores open during this time. They are the individuals on the front lines, making sure that our communities can power and light their homes and businesses.

30 Years of Serving Our Communities

As a company, Batteries Plus has a long history of providing important items and services during periods of crisis. From tornadoes to hurricanes, franchisees have been invaluable in serving their communities during these difficult times.

Brandon Boozer is a six-store owner in the state of Oklahoma. “After the 2013 Moore tornado, the corporate team was extremely important to the relief effort,” he said. “They sent us half a truckload full of products. Two days later it showed up. Corporate has been very supportive of hurricane and tornado-relief efforts, and it is much appreciated.”

Throughout the recovery, Boozer’s stores “went into high gear to do what we could to assist people that were looking through their things, and so we literally drove to neighborhoods and said, ‘Does anyone here need a flashlight?’”

Dennis Norris owns eight stores in Texas and spoke about his attempts to aid the relief effort following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. “Any time a hurricane is inbound we always stock up because there’s a big run for batteries and flashlights,” he said, “We do our best to get the word out to the community that ‘Batteries Plus Bulbs is going to have what you need.’ Then during the hurricane, we try to stay open as many hours as we can and of course, be a resource after.”

In moments like this, many of the services Batteries Plus provides can prove invaluable. “We can help make sure people are stocked up on batteries and flashlights,” Norris said, “and we tell them how to get their computers and phones back up. Batteries Plus provides solutions to whatever people need.”

Essential Products and Services

As a Batteries Plus owner you will provide customers with essential products and services they rely on to get them through difficult situations. Each of our core offerings is fundamental to people’s lives. This includes batteries for everything  from wheelchairs and mobility scooters, to thermometers and flashlights, as well as lighting, cell phone repair and key fob replacement.

“People come to us because something is broken and they need an expert,” Boozer said, “It’s a pain point in their life and they need it solved. That’s one of the things I like about what we do as a franchise. I like solving problems.”

Commercial Customers

Another side of our business, involves building additional accounts with commercial entities. An enormous number of industries rely on specialty batteries and lighting products, including schools, contractors, the military, manufacturing facilities and assisted living facilities, as well as hospitals and first responders. The medical industry is particularly important in times of crisis. As a franchise owner, you’ll play an invaluable role in supplying them with the specialty batteries they require to stay powered, while providing crucial repair services  for tablets used by doctors, hospital staff and other important caregivers.

What We’re Doing Now

During emergencies, we pride ourselves on serving the community in any way we can. As we move through the Coronavirus, Batteries Plus owners have implemented ways to continue to serve our customers’ needs while prioritizing our employees’ health and safety. We have implemented curbside pickup options  for our buy online, pick-up in-store customers, and encourage individuals to call so that we can provide solutions on how to address their needs. As this situation unfolds, we will continue to do what we have always done, helping people to power their lives each and every day.

If you would like to fill your community’s need as a provider of crucial products and services, please fill out the form below. A representative from our franchise team will reach out to you shortly to answer your questions and help you determine if there’s a Batteries Plus franchise in your future.

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