Why Essential Businesses Like Batteries Plus Are The Future Of Franchising

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COVID-19 has radically redefined franchise investment in America, with many franchises and even entire industries suffering from the pandemic’s economic impact. As the country slowly emerges from this crisis, the future of franchising is beginning to take shape, with investors prioritizing essential businesses like never before. Batteries Plus is poised to capitalize on the next phase of multi-unit investing through a combination of essential products, a strong Ecommerce presence and our brand influence in the real estate market.

The Value of Being Essential

Essential businesses are the future of franchising. Think about it for a moment. Before the pandemic, restaurants, hotels and fitness franchises were top performers. Over the past year, however, we’ve learned just how quickly those services can be phased out of consumers’ lives.

As a contrast, consider Batteries Plus. Even in the worst months of the pandemic, our stores remained open. In fact, our company experienced some of the best sales months in its 30-year history during the past year. Why is this? The answer is simple. Batteries Plus provides products and services that consumers and business cannot do without. For individuals, this means supply them with access to critical transportation and communication services, including car battery and key fob replacement, as well as cell phone and tablet repair service at a time when we are more reliant than ever on digital communication.

For businesses, that means supporting critical infrastructure through our B2B contacts. We supply hospitals, first responders, manufacturers and retail locations with the batteries they need to power emergency equipment, lift and pallet jacks, industrial scrubbers and so much more.

You Profit From Ecommerce Sales

A strong Ecommerce presence is another important factor in future franchise success. Batteries Plus provides customers with multiple purchasing options, including brick-and-mortar sales, online transactions, as well as our Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store option. This flexibility enabled us to pivot to contact-free curbside pickup service when shopping in person was no longer desirable. We were able to do this within 48 hours at all our stores nationwide by adapting our existing Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store program.

Franchisees also profit from our eCommerce website. This is a key difference between Batteries Plus and many other franchise options. In most franchise systems, eCommerce dollars bypass the owners, but at Batteries Plus, if an item is shipped from or picked up at your store, that revenue is yours. That means that the revenue from the record-breaking sales months mentioned earlier was handed off directly to the investors, enabling them to thrive when franchisees in many other industries were fighting for survival.

Real Estate Resources

Batteries Plus has always taken a hands-on approach to the real estate site selection process. We have cultivated a strong Preferred Broker Network across the country and developed our own proprietary tools and data to help evaluate markets. Because of the positive momentum Batteries Plus has in the marketplace, we have brokers presenting us with opportunities literally every week, opening up site locations with economic terms that we have never seen before.

Now more than ever, brokers, developers and landlords understand that Batteries Plus bulbs is a brand that will continue to remain open and bring customers into their shopping center even in the worst of times. It also means that we will continue to meet our lease obligations. These factors become very important when landlords are deciding between multiple tenant offers or during lease negotiations.

Finally, we have initiated support for our Franchisees on how they can approach their landlords to partner on store improvements to keep up to date with brand standards and customer expectations. We also provide market level research to ensure franchisees are armed with key information, market positioning and an overall game plan for those lease renewal discussions.

Combining the strength of our brand and our growth, our position as an essential business and the current commercial real estate market, there has never been a better time to be looking for the next great Batteries Plus store location. Whether you’re interested in owning a single store or adding to your multi-concept franchise portfolio, let’s talk. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. Plus, you’ll receive a copy of our Digital Investment Guide.

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