Curious About Starting a Battery Store Business? We’ve Got the Facts

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Batteries Plus has more than 30 years of experience in the franchise space, and we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in those three decades. We are proud that our comprehensive system helps our franchisees build their business from the ground up, selling a range of products and services to a diverse customer base. If you’ve been considering franchising or starting a battery store business, we’ve got everything you need to feel confident you’re making the right choice by partnering with Batteries Plus. Truthfully, there are many myths about franchising, and we’re going to talk about a couple of them and why they matter – and, more importantly, how we bust them!

Batteries Plus Busts Common Myths About Franchising

Myth: Most franchises are too niche or based on fads. People may initially think we’re just about batteries, but the truth is that we offer the opportunity to leverage multiple revenue streams because of our business model and our full suite of products. For starters, our franchisees can factor in many sales channel opportunities, including their retail stores, business accounts, eCommerce options, and more. Beyond the multiple channels is the fact that we are so much more than just a battery store. We are also in the lighting, smart home, and repair space. With a little research into your demographics and territory, and with help from our experts, we can help you determine which opportunity to tap into at any given time to ensure you’re maximizing the earning potential of your location.

Myth: It’s too hard to get acclimated to a new, rigid system. Not true! At Batteries Plus, we are proud to have built a successful and time-tested set of processes to help franchisees be efficient out of the gate and see a swifter return on their investment. Whether you have zero to little business experience but are interested in opening a battery store franchise, or you’ve been investing in other systems for decades, we have a business model that will set you up for success from the start – and continue for the lifetime of your business.

Myth: Once you sign a franchise agreement, you’re on your own to sink or swim. Incorrect! Batteries Plus helps newcomers from the start, thanks to our extensive directory of materials, resources, and training opportunities. This database is accessible from day one and can guide your operations as you build out your location and prepare for opening. Over time, you’ll come to see that this extensive library of online resources will help you answer tactical questions in the moment and prepare for the future. Even better, our training resources extend to cover systems around sales, inventory, communication, HR, and more.

A Stable Business Model for Starting a Battery Store Business

We know that we offer products and services that people need, no matter where they are and no matter their socioeconomic status. We offer a range of general and specialty items that are required by people and businesses alike – in fact, 30% of our sales are to commercial clients. Thanks to our multiple revenue streams, support, and training, we stand out as the right partner to choose for your franchise venture.

Interested in learning more about our battery industry business? Reach out to us today to learn about Batteries Plus franchising opportunities!

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