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One of Batteries Plus Bulbs’ greatest strengths is the number of different revenue streams available to franchisees. As an owner, you’ll sell batteries light bulbs  and other needs-based products, while providing customers with convenient services like device repair and key fob programming and replacement. What you might not know, however, is that we have a robust commercial side to our business as well.

Business to business sales represent an enormous source of potential revenue for our franchise owners. There are an impressive number of industries that rely on the types of products we sell. Franchise owners have the ability to tap into this additional revenue stream by selling to a diverse array of industries, including schools, churches, municipalities, medical facilities, electrical contractors, property managers, manufacturing facilities, hotels and assisted living homes.

Device repair  offers another lucrative commercial avenue. Tablets have become standard equipment  for warehouse employees, field repairmen, construction workers and more. These devices endure a great deal of use and require regular repairs and maintenance, which you are in a position to offer. The best part is, there’s no limit to the amount of commercial business you pursue, meaning you can build up this side of your business to be as large as you want.

Franchise owner Matt Eberly had the following to say, “When we look at strategies for driving revenue, the commercial business is an area of priority that we discuss on a very regular basis.”

Valuable Assistance

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, our commercial strategy is simple, “It’s our job to make your job easier.” As a franchisee, you’ll have a number of incentives at your disposal to help simplify your customers’ lives and attract additional business.

Your clients will be eligible for local delivery services and volume discount pricing. They’ll also receive access to convenient online ordering tools and have access to our commercial recycling services.

Free on-site assessments are another valuable sales tool, allowing you to advise clients on their energy and lighting usage, suggesting changes that save them money and net you additional business. Plus, you have the ability to tailor your services to meet your clients’ needs, customizing pricing and delivery methods, and offering additional services like UPS backup system maintenance and auto fleet battery maintenance.

Commercial Sales Support

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we understand that our owners come from a diverse array of occupations and may not have a traditional sales background. That’s why we have established a number of systems to help new franchisees build their sales skills and tap into this potential revenue.

Leading the charge is the company’s Commercial Sales Excellence Team, who assists new owners in identifying potential sales targets in the vicinity of their store, while providing them with the sales strategies necessary to pursue these leads.

Matt Eberly spoke about this tremendous resource, “They have trained store managers, trained all of the inside sales team, and have done this multiple times over various topics. They have also been a great sounding board and support system for what we have in place.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs Vice President of Franchise Development Jon Sica said, “Our Coaches help franchisees learn to establish a commercial business and follow up on leads to get out into the community. With the support of the corporate team, our franchisees are building their sales and commercial channels in a way they wouldn’t be able to find on their own.”

Another sales support resource is the company’s customer relationship platform Salesforce. Salesforce allows owners to keep track of customer conversations, orders and proposals as they pursue the commercial accounts.

“Franchisees are able to identify, assign and track progress against leads generated by the system,” Sica explained. “Our franchisees are constantly keeping those leads warm as they continue to build their business and to help people find solutions right in their local communities.”

One final resource available to owners is the company’s National Accounts team. The team works to create partnerships with national industries that have a presence in cities near our stores. They then funnel that business to franchise locations in the area.

“That is built-in business that franchisees don’t have to chase,” Sica said. “It’s going to come in because we’ve set it up at a national level. That’s a huge part of the value we bring to our ownership group.”

In summing up the vast potential commercial sales hold for franchisees, Batteries Plus Bulbs CEO Scott Williams had the following to say, “To my mind, the biggest opportunity for growth lies in building commercial business. It offers a huge potential for franchisees to build up their businesses to be as large as they want and create their own destiny.”

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