Batteries Plus vs. T-Mobile: Franchise Business Opportunity vs Dealers

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It’s no secret that Batteries Plus offers customers products they can’t get anywhere else. Not only do we provide an expansive selection of batteries, lighting, sustainable power alternatives and more, but our device repair services add an extra revenue stream for franchisees and reliable experts customers can count on with our franchise business opportunity.

As mobile providers across the country cut down on repair services, more users are turning to Batteries Plus’s WISE-certified technicians for a business opportunity – which leads to a key question: What sets the Batteries Plus franchise apart from cell phone dealers?

Two Batteries Plus team members look at their franchise location's lightbulb section.

Device Repair Franchise: The Perfect Fit

With most dealers eliminating device repairs and laying off hundreds of operators, many hard-working entrepreneurs and technicians are out of work and customers are searching for trustworthy technicians.

Meanwhile, Batteries Plus has been offering smartphone and tablet repair services since 2014 and within its first two years, it rose to the company’s third top category. These services were a natural fit for a franchise with customer care as a top priority.

“We are subject matter experts and it’s so important to be able to take care of our customers in their time of need,” said our Chief Growth Officer, Kirtis Hill.

Franchise Business Opportunity as a Safer Investment

There are many differences between franchises like Batteries Plus and dealers. Take the pandemic, for example. In 2020, as phone sales plummeted, many dealer locations shut their doors.

The mutually beneficial franchise agreement not only sets Batteries Plus apart from dealer relationships and provides all-inclusive training and support in areas like marketing, real estate, and proprietary systems but owners are protected from sudden terminations and closures.

Thanks to our sustainable model and diverse line of essential products and services, Batteries Plus continues to grow. Our smaller store footprint and similar staff size to a cell phone dealer store also contribute to our resiliency, helping franchisees to remain profitable and combat the labor shortage.

Plus, as a long-standing franchise business opportunity, we’ve established solid relationships with our vendors and have the capital to order inventory ahead of time to store in our warehouses, proving vital as others struggle with supply chain disruptions.

batteries plus franchisees

Unmatched Expertise: The Batteries Plus Franchise Business Opportunity Difference

While employees at cell phone dealers each undergo some degree of training, they are not all thoroughly educated on their devices. Meanwhile, Batteries Plus’s in-depth, comprehensive training ensures that all employees and franchisees are knowledgeable about every product they sell. As new products are released, there is ongoing education in place to keep employees up-to-date on the latest products, software and technological advancements.

Employees are always able to answer customer questions, building trust and loyalty. This is part of how Batteries Plus has positioned its employees as “neighborhood experts” over the past 34 years. 

Additionally, many of our employees and franchisees have been with Batteries Plus for years, know customers by name and have given our brand a dependable reputation that sets us apart from other retailers. At Batteries Plus, our philosophy is not simply about how much we make on each sale; it’s about building relationships and solving each customer’s problem – naturally, profits will follow.

Seeking a Reliable Business Opportunity for 2023?

With a probable recession ahead, it’s more important than ever to seek out essential and stable business opportunities. With a seasoned leadership team and all-inclusive support system to help in areas like operations, marketing and more, as well as additional revenue streams through multi-unit ownership, commercial accounts and various product and service categories, there are endless opportunities to capitalize off the $652 billion lighting and battery industries.

Thanks to our lower initial investment and Amazon-proof model, Batteries Plus is rapidly expanding – and you can be a part of it all! Click here to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus in your area.

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