Batteries Plus Shines with Robert Roskowski as Rookie of the Year

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In the vast landscape of franchises, few stories shine as brightly and dynamically as that of Robert Roskowski, the esteemed 2023 Rookie of the Year at Batteries Plus Franchise. Robert’s journey is not only a testament to dedication, resilience, and the transformative power of hard work, but also a beacon of inspiration that radiates hope, community empowerment, and a commitment to excellence.

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Beyond his role as a devoted husband and father, Robert’s journey encompasses his tenure as a veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. His eight years in the Marine Corps led him to serve in the challenging terrain of Afghanistan, a chapter of his life that left an impactful mark on his character. And, his commitment to duty and honor earned him recognition as part of the esteemed Wounded Warriors project.

Upon returning to the United States, Robert transitioned from the military to a new role – this time as a police officer. This phase of his journey not only showcased his versatility but also highlighted his innate leadership skills. However, destiny had more in store for him, leading him to the doors of Batteries Plus.

Discovering the Batteries Plus Franchise Opportunity 

For Robert, the decision to become a Batteries Plus franchise owner was not merely a business choice; it was a continuation of his commitment to service and community betterment. The tech franchise opportunity business model resonated deeply with him as it provided a unique avenue to give back to his local community. Drawing from his diverse experiences in the military and law enforcement, Robert recognized the potential for synergy between his skills and what it takes to operate a Batteries Plus franchise. Alongside his wife Kristen, Robert opened his first Batteries Plus store in Sevierville, TN in 2021, and since then has witnessed incredible success. 

During the Batteries Plus annual Sales Achievement Event, Robert and Kristen were recognized for having the highest first-year commercial sales in company history! This achievement warranted them to receive the Rookie of the Year Award. Not only that but the Roskowski’s were recognized with the Customer Service Award for demonstrating excellence in customer service and achieving the highest customer satisfaction score brand-wide.

“Rob and Kristen’s tireless dedication to Batteries Plus so early on in their franchising endeavors is evident in sales that are nothing short of impressive”, said Joe Malmuth, Chief Franchising Officer for Batteries Plus. “I have no doubt they are quickly on their way to growing a strong presence in Eastern Tennessee.”

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Investing in an Essential Business Goes the Distance 

Robert’s decision to invest in an essential business like Batteries Plus wasn’t solely motivated by financial considerations. It was a conscious choice stemming from the realization that stability is paramount, particularly in times of uncertainty. Robert envisions his business as a conduit for ongoing service to his community. Just as he selflessly protected his country and upheld the law, he now serves his customers with the same unwavering dedication. His store isn’t just a retail establishment; it’s a hub of support, where customers receive not only batteries but also a sense of community and trust.

“We’ve established a depth of loyalty amongst members of the community out here in Tennessee, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide power and energy to local homes and businesses”, Rob Roskowski said. “After spending 7 years serving in the military and another 6 in the police force, it’s an honor to continue serving my community through Batteries Plus.”

From Robert’s time in the military to the bustling aisles of his Batteries Plus store, Robert’s journey shines as a beacon of inspiration—a reminder that service is not defined by a uniform, but by an unwavering commitment to make a positive impact.

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