Batteries Plus Offers Flexible Brick and Mortar Franchise Options for Expansion

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One of the best things about owning a Batteries Plus Franchise is how easy it is to expand. In fact, 115 of our owners opted for our multi-unit franchise opportunities. If you’re interested in expansion, we offer a number of flexible options to help you tailor your additional location(s) to your specific needs.

What is an Example of a Turnkey Operation?

When it comes to opening additional locations, we realize that every business owner is unique. Some want to be involved in every step of the opening process, while others want the franchisor to build the new store for them. Batteries Plus can accommodate both of these approaches.

Batteries Plus will provide you with vendors to support you through every phase of the process, from site selection to finance to negotiating with landlords. While you’re busy running your current location, Batteries Plus also offers a turnkey option in which we can essentially manage the build-out of your new store for you. This allows you to focus entirely on your existing store(s) and take charge of your new location once it is up and running.

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What is the Startup Sales Strategy at Batteries Plus?

On average, it takes around eight months to open a new store. One of the advantages Batteries Plus provides is the ability to begin making commercial sales before your new location is even open. Jason Moss, Vice President of Store Development and Training at Batteries Plus, highlighted how important this program is: “Having more time to sell commercially before opening the brick-and-mortar location allows our franchisees to be more successful by opening with a robust sales pipeline already in place.” This means that by the time your new location opens, you’ll potentially have several months of sales under your belt.

Commercial sales represent an enormous source of revenue. “Commercial sales have become an integral focus of growing our business. It now represents almost 40% of our sales, and it offers us the ability to grow the business faster. It offers us the opportunity to bring Batteries Plus products to a customer, and it really allows us to drive brand awareness in the market,” said Greg Belatti, franchise owner of 16 Batteries Plus stores in the Atlanta area.

Batteries Plus Will Find the Best Site Location for Your Sales Strategy

Batteries Plus owners can achieve remarkable success in a variety of retail locations due to our adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse customer needs. Our economic advantage lies in our wide product range, from batteries and light bulbs to smartphone repairs and key fob replacements, catering to both everyday consumers and commercial clients. This versatility allows franchisees to tap into multiple revenue streams, serving not only walk-in customers seeking immediate solutions but also building relationships with commercial entities in need of reliable and convenient battery and lighting suppliers. 

When expanding your business, the real estate team will help you find a site that matches your sales strategy. Some franchisees may opt for a prominent site to help maximize retail sales, while others may choose to focus on commercial business instead.

For example, Dustin Myers owns four franchise locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. When he purchased his first store at age 24, he made the decision to focus on commercial from the beginning. Not only is Dustin’s sales mix 70% commercial, but his store has the top commercial sales within the company!

Dustin explained, “With retail, you have to wait for somebody to walk in the door, but with commercial, you can make a phone call and say, ‘Hey, is there anything today that you need batteries for that you can’t get, or I can help with?’”

Learn More About Owning a Batteries Plus Franchise

If you’re interested in purchasing a business of your own, Batteries Plus may be the right fit for you. Our business model provides the flexibility to expand your business over time, with multiple support systems in place to help set you up for success. 

Want to learn more about franchise ownership? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you decide if owning a Batteries Plus aligns with your financial goals. 

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