Powering the Community: Batteries Plus Franchisee Goes the Extra Mile

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In the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Batteries Plus franchise owner Keith Placencio is committed to building a strong community through cultivating long-lasting partnerships. In August 2022, Keith took over the Las Cruces Batteries Plus, a location that has been serving the community for over a decade. In one short year, Keith has utilized his extensive background to establish relationships within the community and provide battery solutions to local departments, and beyond.

Keith’s extensive experience in working with the city, coupled with his dedication to supplying top-notch batteries, caught the attention of the Las Cruces Police Department which led to an official partnership that kicked off this past June.

A Bond of Service

Keith served in the Marines from 1987-1991. Through a shared bond of service, Keith and the manager of the local police department established a friendship, which quickly led to Keith’s involvement with the department. When it came to Keith’s attention that the batteries in the department’s vehicles lasted only six months, leading to frequent replacements and downtime, Keith was determined to provide a solution that would keep the officers on the road for longer periods without interruption. 

“It’s extremely important to me to be reliable within the community for power solutions no matter how small,” said Keith. “From law enforcement to bus drivers, our community needs dependability in its power needs and it’s an honor to Batteries Plus to have built these relationships.”

The relationship began with a partnership between Keith’s store and the City of Las Cruces Fleet Services in November. That initial partnership provided over 400 public safety vehicles, including the police department in Las Cruces, with X2Power Batteries. In the months since, Keith has added a partnership with the Doña Ana County Fleet Services, bringing the total number to over 1,000 public safety vehicles across the city and county. Keith’s Batteries Plus location now offers four-year batteries that endure the demanding requirements of police cars, fire trucks, buses, and more. Keith also has more on the way through pending partnerships with Fleet Services for the fire department, buses, lawnmowers, golf carts, and city and county lighting throughout the area.

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Expanding Horizons

In the years between Keith’s military service and finding veteran franchise opportunities at Batteries Plus, he worked as an electrical engineer, which equipped him with the knowledge and desire to offer products that he could be genuinely proud of. Rather than focusing solely on price, Keith believes in building trust with his customers by providing superior quality and reliable service. Building lasting relationships based on trust and delivering exceptional products are the core tenets of Keith’s business approach.

In fact, the fruitful partnership with the Las Cruces Police Department doesn’t stop at supplying car batteries. Las Cruces Batteries Plus goes the extra mile by providing radio batteries for the police force as well. With over 1,300 vehicles relying on Batteries Plus for their power needs, Keith and his team have demonstrated their commitment to meeting the demands of the local law enforcement agencies, and beyond. 

Record-Breaking Achievements 

Keith’s vision and leadership within the community have sparked recording-breaking wins for his Batteries Plus location. The store has already shattered its own sales records twice in the first quarter since Keith took ownership. Given Keith’s unmatched success, he will also be opening his second Batteries Plus location in El Paso, TX later this year where he plans to have the same impact within that community.

Keith exemplifies what it means to be a business leader deeply invested in his community. Through his partnership with the Las Cruces Police Department, Keith ensures that the officers have access to reliable, long-lasting batteries, enabling them to fulfill their duties effectively. With a focus on trust, quality, and exceptional service, Keith and his team at Batteries Plus are not only powering the vehicles of Las Cruces but are powering the community.  

Batteries Plus is committed to partnering with dedicated entrepreneurs who want to make a difference within their community. Our franchise opportunity provides individuals with unmatched support and the tools necessary to be a successful business owner. At Batteries Plus, we also believe that you can be a successful franchise owner regardless of the background you come from. From engineers to marines, our franchise opportunity is one designed to fit your experience. 

Interested in learning more? Contact us today. We’ll provide you with everything you need to decide if owning a Batteries Plus is the right fit for you. 

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