Batteries Plus Franchise: What Makes Us a Fast-Growing Opportunity?

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If you think you’d like to open a battery store franchise, a Batteries Plus franchise opportunity is the very best and one of the fastest-growing available. We’ve been in the industry for decades and in that time have grown to include multiple revenue streams that let you weather economic shifts and provide more to your community. When you become part of the Batteries Plus brand family, you’ll benefit from our time-tested business model, our deep vendor relationships, and our ongoing support for the life of your business. Our commitment to our franchisees means they can focus on what matters — growth!

We’re an Essential Business

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that more and more of us are reliant on modern technology to get through our days. How many of us used (and continue to use) our computers to work from home? How many of us rely on our smartphones to keep track of our schedules, pay our bills, or spend time with loved ones? These days, millions of us are looking to the comforts of home more often, reiterating how important it is to keep our sanctuaries well stocked when it comes to batteries for toys and remote controls, light bulbs for rooms and appliances, and other essentials that allow us to stay safe and connected.

Remember, too, that it’s not just our homes that benefit from a nearby Batteries Plus store; our cars, boats, and motorcycles require batteries to keep them operational and light bulbs to keep them safe. With all this in mind, if you’re looking for a franchise opportunity as your way of owning a small business, investing in a battery store franchise with Batteries Plus really makes sense!

Our Brand Family Keeps Growing

Despite the economic challenges of the last 18 months, our brand continues to grow, and our franchise partners continue to see success. In fact, from 2020 to 2021, our franchisees saw an average sales growth of over 6%. Last year, Batteries Plus signed 20 franchise agreements to bring on 30 new locations to our network of 700+ stores. This year, we’ve already signed 28 new owners for 66 new stores, and the year is not over yet! Many of our existing owners are signing on for multiple units, and some of our new owners are immediately adding more stores once their first one has been established.  Overall, the number of units per owner has increased, as more and more of our franchisees try to keep up with the demand for our products and services. We think that’s a pretty nice place to be as a business owner!

Multiple Revenue Streams Mean More Ways to Grow

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a Batteries Plus franchise is that you’ll be able to leverage numerous multi-billion-dollar industries, such as battery, lighting, phone and tablet repair, and smart home technology to keep you nimble and more recession-resistant. Our business model has been honed over decades of industry experience, and it allows our franchisees to hit the ground running and take advantage of multiple revenue streams quickly and efficiently.

Being able to count on the work that was done before you and knowing you have the support of industry experts to help you see success is just part of why the Batteries Plus brand has been seeing such impressive growth. Are you ready to join us?

We can’t wait for 2022 and look forward to adding more brand family members! If you’d like to be one of them, reach out today!

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