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For many businesses, the year 2021 saw a bit of a sluggish rebound as they started to slowly recover from the negative economic impacts of 2020’s global pandemic. However, growth and opportunity continued at an industry-leading level for the typical Batteries Plus retail franchise. This was evident in the number of signed franchise agreements and newly opened Batteries Plus stores that we launched alongside our new franchisees.

With our combined efforts, we opened 23 new stores under the Batteries Plus family brand. These locations were spread throughout several regions in the United States, with franchise owners that brought a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to their partnership with Batteries Plus.

New Locations Across the Country

The significance of our growth at Batteries Plus goes beyond just the total number of new franchise locations. The humble beginnings of our first Batteries Plus store, which opened in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1988, have continued even as we expanded our sites across the country in 2021.

New stores were opened from coast to coast, including in California, Washington, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida, as well as many interior states, including New Mexico, Tennessee, Idaho, and Alabama. This diversity in location exemplifies how well the Batteries Plus franchise business model allows our franchise owners to understand and meet customer demand and puts them in a position to succeed. And with many battery retail store franchise territories still available with Batteries Plus, the growth potential remains clear.

What Franchise Owners Bring

Another positive element of opening these new locations in 2021 was partnering with and training each franchise owner. Not only did our training give them a better understanding of the retail industry, but these franchise owners also received a complete introduction to the resources they currently have at their disposal having joined the Batteries Plus family.

The learning experience was not a one-way street by any means, as we at Batteries Plus had the opportunity to understand our franchisees, their methods, and motivations throughout the process. While each franchise owner is unique in their own individual way, several of them shared similar characteristics that made them strong candidates and made us excited to work with them.

These characteristics had little to do with the retail industry, tech-focused products, or device repair experience – for our franchise owners’ experience in these specific areas can range from established and highly knowledgeable to limited and unfamiliar. What each brought was a willingness to make the necessary investment to reach their business goal, a strong work ethic and attitude, and a desire to develop their leadership skills and forge a connection with their local community.

Our mission for the newest members of our team that we officially welcomed to the Batteries Plus brand family in 2021 is to support them in their pursuits of business success and overall life improvement — and that includes all our franchisees, seasoned or new.

If you saw some of yourself in the new owners we described, contact us today to find out if you’re ready to get started on owning a retail franchise with Batteries Plus today!

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