A Batteries Plus Smartphone Repair Franchise Requires Low Staffing, Simplifying Operations!

smartphone repair franchise

Opening a smartphone repair franchise or any small business requires a lot in the way of time and energy, so anytime you can save on those resources, it makes sense to do so. One of the distinct advantages of franchising with Batteries Plus is that it doesn’t take much in the way of staff to keep it humming along! In fact, you’ll only need 4 to 7 employees to run your store, as compared to a lot of other models that require dozens of employees to keep the doors open. That means you won’t have to worry so much about finding qualified employees, your monthly overhead will be lower, and you can focus more on what matters — growth!

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Makes the Difference

The typical Batteries Plus store is between 1,400 and 1,800 square feet, for a very manageable footprint. Our small box format means you won’t be locking up capital in products waiting to be sold and you’ll need fewer employees to run and manage your store. More than this, a smaller staff is easier to train, and at Batteries Plus, we place a premium on that!

Because we sell and service technologies that are always evolving, we know it’s important that your store be staffed not just with friendly people but with associates and technicians who have thorough knowledge about everything your store will provide. They’ll be asked to help customers in a variety of ways, from product advice and service recommendations to just plain old help finding the on/off switch on one of our lighting products. We’ll make sure your employees develop expertise by continually providing training modules to ensure they are proficient in everything your Batteries Plus franchise store will offer.

This emphasis on training and industry knowledge means our stores tend to attract job applicants who are interested in making their time at Batteries Plus a career. So, not only will you enjoy low staffing requirements, you just might find that many of your employees will make important contributions to your Batteries Plus store for years to come!

smartphone repair franchise

We offer an Industry-Leading Certification for your Smartphone Repair Franchise

Since entering the tablet and cell phone industry in 2014, we’ve placed a particular emphasis on training our device repair technicians because we know how important their work is. To that end, we make sure they receive certification through the Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program. It’s a rigorous process meant to gauge an individual’s ability to perform important repair functions like screen assembly, as well as repairs to batteries, headphone jacks, and speakers. Candidates are required to pass both an online training course and a hands-on repair skills test in order to receive certification, and as the first repair retailer to be certified under the WISE program, our franchisees enjoy the many competitive advantages that come with this important distinction.

Hiring the right associates and bringing them up to speed is critical to the success of your Batteries Plus smartphone repair franchise. Fortunately, our low staffing requirements and our emphasis on high-quality training make that a whole lot easier!

To find out more about how to open a franchise with Batteries Plus, reach out today, and let’s get the conversation going!

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