Ingrid Brummett Shares Shares Her Experiences As A Batteries Plus Owner

A Batteries Plus franchisee, Ingrid Brummett, standing in front of a storefront.

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In honor of International Women’s Month, we’re highlighting one of our many female franchisees. Ingrid Brummett has been with the company since 2008 and currently owns two stores located in Port Charlotte and Venice, Florida.

From Family Business to Full-Time Ownership

Like many franchisees, Ingrid originally began her path in a different career entirely. She was an Exceptional Student Education teacher in Arizona for five years, helping special needs students. Her interest in Batteries Plus began when her dad and brother decided to invest in a franchise. She explained, “My Husband and I thought it would be a good opportunity to go into business with family and we were looking for freedom and more control. So, my brother and I came in as smaller percentage partners.”

After researching territories, her family decided to open three stores in Port Charlotte, Naples and Bonita Springs, all located in south Florida. Ingrid said, “When we opened the store, my family relocated from Arizona. We moved eight horses, two dogs, six cats and two pet rats across the country. The store has been an adventure from the start.”

When her father passed away, her mother gave Ingrid and her brother the opportunity to take over a larger percentage of the business and she’s been a part of Batteries Plus ever since. During that time, she has sold off the Naples and Bonita Springs locations and acquired a new store in Venice in 2015.

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Batteries Plus Owners Support the Community

For Ingrid, one of the main appeals of Batteries Plus is the opportunity to help people. She explained, “From the time I was little I’ve always liked to help people, now I’m just helping people in a different way. Batteries Plus stores have [so] many services that people are unaware of all the stores have to offer. Battery, light bulbs, device repair and keys are all a part of the operation now.”

She also finds it fulfilling offering employment opportunities to the people in the neighborhoods that she serves. “It gives them a quality of life. They have an income, they have health insurance and they have jobs to go to. It makes me feel good to be able to be a part of providing for our community.”

Batteries Plus Offers World Class Franchise Support

Another big draw for Ingrid is the level of support she receives from the company as a whole. “I call product support all the time, so I feel like there’s lots of support there for us.” She has also recently added additional resources to the commercial side of her business. She said, “We are currently working on having a commercial salesperson call and try and create more revenue on the commercial side of the business.”

This is a new service offered by Batteries Plus which offers commercial support as a service. Owners have the option of buying into the program, in which Batteries Plus hires an inside sales rep for them and manages their day-to-day operation. This allows owners to be as hands on or off as they want, while still generating commercial revenue.

Is There a Batteries Plus Franchise in Your Future?

If you’re interested in owning a Batteries Plus of your own, Ingrid offered the following advice, “Spend time in a store and learn from experience. The stores have lots of moving parts and are best understood by working in a store. [There’s] Nothing better than hands-on experience to learn about the Batteries Plus store operation.”

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