3 Qualifications to Invest in a Battery Store Franchise

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It doesn’t take prior experience in the tech field to invest in a battery store franchise. Instead, we’re looking for franchisees who are driven to start a thriving new business. Here, review a few of the characteristics Batteries Plus looks for in new franchisees. 

#1. Ready to Invest Their Time

Investing in a tech franchise takes more than money; it takes a time commitment as well. Batteries Plus franchisees come from many backgrounds, and often they’re juggling other priorities: kids, investments, and so forth. Once you’ve mastered our system, you’ll be able to divide your time accordingly and, for the most part, set your own schedule. Still, be sure you’re prepared to invest a good deal of time into your business as it’s still getting up and running.

A few of the things you’ll be responsible for as a franchisee include:

  • Working with us to find the perfect location – our proprietary tools allow us to identify spaces with the best potential in your area. 
  • Mastering operations and business management systems
  • Staying on top of marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring your business stays on the right track by focusing on Big picture tasks

#2. Financially Well-Qualified

We estimate that the investment in a tech franchise with Batteries Plus will cost between $193,905 to $355,902. While franchisees are free to seek financing to help cover these initial costs, having a good deal of liquid capital on-hand is crucial so you can nurture your business in its early days. That’s why we look for franchisees with a net worth of $350K and liquid assets worth $100K.

One of the best things about Batteries Plus is that you’re likely to see a strong return on your investment – the top quarter of our franchises average $1,378,064 in revenue.

#3. Excited to Invest in the Tech Space

It’s a great time to invest in a battery store franchise, and our franchisees recognize that opportunity. Batteries Plus serves multiple industries with a combined value of $652 billion:

With so many growing industries to serve, there’s plenty of potentials for franchisees to grow their businesses via a wide range of consumer trends. 

A great feature of our model is that you don’t need to be a tech guru to break into this thriving field. Batteries Plus works with countless experts, all keeping their fingers on the pulse of these industries so that franchisees can rest assured they’re offering the in-demand products and services customers want. Thanks to comprehensive ongoing and initial training programs, you’ll become an expert in the Batteries Plus offerings before you know it. 

These are just a few of the criteria we look for in our franchisees. If any of this describes you, you could be ready to invest in a battery store franchise! Contact us today to get the investment details.

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