Why Choose Batteries Plus as Your Small Business Opportunity?

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Why Choose Our Battery Store Business Opportunity as Your Small Business? There Are Plenty of Great Reasons!

Small businesses are the single most significant driver of the American economy, and plenty of people dream of starting their own every year — with many of them doing so! Going into business for yourself is an exciting experience, as many Batteries Plus franchisees know. When they took advantage of our battery store business opportunity, they became an integral part of the American entrepreneurial fabric, contributing to the health of their local economy by providing important goods and services. If small business ownership is something you aspire to, a partnership with Batteries Plus could be your answer. Here, we’ll look at a few reasons why.

Our Industry Is Recession-Resistant

It’s no secret that industries of all kinds are, to a varying degree, affected by economic downturns. It’s simply the nature of business. But a business opportunity with Batteries Plus is much less so. We’re an essential business that is recession-resistant, in part because we leverage multiple multi-billion-dollar industries, like lighting, phone and tablet repair, smart home technology, and much more! When you open a Batteries Plus franchise, you’ll be able to offer your customers a diverse line of products and services that will keep your franchise appreciated and necessary. They include:

  • Smartphone Repair: from replacing batteries to selling chargers to fixing broken screens and more, your Batteries Plus store will allow the thousands of smartphone users in your community to stay connected at a time when it’s so important to be so!
  • Lighting: we’ve specialized in lighting for years, and today, we complement our wide array of bulbs and lighting with smart home products, services, and expert advice on how to best light every space. Your customers will love that they just might save money on their energy bills, too!
  • Key Fobs and Key Cutting: when a driver loses their key fob or its battery runs low, it becomes more than an inconvenience. Key cutting and key fob replacement make up a $2bn market and represent another growth area for Batteries Plus franchisees, especially as you’ll often be able to offer services at a fraction of what dealerships charge!

Differentiated product offerings aren’t just a convenience to your customers; they serve as a buffer against economic downturns because when the interest in one product line might decrease, another may enjoy growth.

Our Business Model Lays the Groundwork

Our business opportunity comes with a business model that we’ve spent over 30 years refining. It acts as a sort of roadmap for our franchisees to follow, allowing them to take a lot of the guesswork out of business ownership and, instead, letting them focus on growth. It has answers for just about everything — from hiring staff to implementing effective marketing approaches to buying inventory at competitive prices — and it can help you feel ready to meet the needs of your clientele, who include:

  • Retail customers who rely on us to power their personal devices
  • Businesses that turn to us for repairs or replacements
  • eCommerce clients who operate online
  • National accounts that regularly choose us for their large-scale businesses

Furthermore, our deep industry relationships and our inventory management system mean our warehouse is stocked with over 9,000 products, most of which can be delivered to your store within 2 days or less. This kind of efficiency is a real competitive advantage of a Batteries Plus investment, one you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Brand Name Is Recognized and Respected

One of the key benefits of our Batteries Plus battery store business opportunity is our recognized and respected brand name. We’ve been in business since 1988, and with over 700 locations across the country, people have learned to count on us for excellence in products and services. Because of that, when you open your Batteries Plus store, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time establishing your business as you would going it alone — because we’ve already done that for you!

We’re here to answer all your questions about a Batteries Plus opportunity so get in touch today!

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